Friday, 1 April 2011

I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore - read the free ebook now from ePub Bud!

This is the eBook to "I am Number four", which is even more brilliant than the film, and at parts so devastingly sad. It came out only a month before the film because the film rights were already sold way before the book was finished being edited and stuff. It's brilliant and as most times I like it even more than the film, because there is no way of going into enough detail to make me happy in aproximately 120 minutes. (If I read the original book before.) Also the plot is shortened and bits left out. One thing that I preffer in the film, however is that the changed the amin characters age, John, from 15 to about 17 and that the end fight makes a) more sense and b) is much more awsome, the book lets him look like a total whimp.
So this is just a short blog in order to progress my feelings after just having finished reading and crying. I am happy though, that appareantly the second book, this time based on a different character of the remainig 6, called Marina, is going to be released in summer some time, and hopefully not shortly the second film. As I till think this is a good book-film convertion. In relation to the twilight series, I LOVE the books and was quite sad when the films came out as they did, especially as they have a brilliant cast.
So, it's already late and I finally feel tired enough to be able to sleep... :)
Good night, xx

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