Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Mike Tompkins

YouTube - Canal de pbpproductions

This guy is amazing! He is a 24 year old record producer and writer and he covers famous songs 'A Capella'. And he is REALLY good! The songs he does may gave become annoying by the 'radio over use'.... (you know what I mean...) BUT they're still amazingly done and he shows how he did them at the end of each song, it's so cool! Oh, and have I mentiond he is amazing?
Well, everything is going fine with me at the moment, I've got my rport which has not turned out as good as I hoped to, but still no Es or Fs so I'm kinda (not very) happy... Last week of school *YAY!* just 45 more minutes and a parents evening to go now and then I'm of to ENGLAND!!! I'm so happy! I'm visiting my english family there, celebrating my cousin's birthday and easter and hpoefully doing loads of shopping!! Also I am flying alone, which I love!
Oh, and appart form all this holiday stuff going on, there is perfect beach weather outside. (in comparison of Germany where it is raining :P lol!) Beach!! This years first sunburn has already shown up after a day in the full sun (Do not call me stupid!) at the sports festival... I am extremely white skinned and allthough because of this I am usually carefull and able to prevent a sunburn, I still burn very easily :( And I don't get tanned either, which here in Portugal is mildly depressing!
See you in England, if I can find the time :)

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