Monday, 18 April 2011

Lisboa to London Gatwick

So. After a complicated flight I am finally in England! YESSSSS....! Love it! Haven't been here for about 2 years, it's so weird!
The flight was complicated because appareantly by the portuguese law you are not allowed to travell alone with out a declaration signed by your parents with a lawyers stamp under neath... :S Well I was caught at the passport controll and the police wouldn't let me through. As a result i missed the flight and had to fly the next day... Now I am finally here and plans are being made. Shopping, cinema, theater, easter, so much to do, I am so excited for it all to start.
Yesterday when I had been able to fly (with declaration and everything) I stood in front of three Londoners at boading and allmost laughed out loud. I never believed that some people actually have an accent like that, it couldn't have become more chavvy... I really believed that it was just some exaggarated 'mockation' of some sort, but no. :) They really remided me of Lauren Cooper, except that this is in fact a'mockery'. And then they came to sit behind me on the plane which then DID become annoying...
Soon gonna review Red Ridinghood!
Byee! Happy Holidays :)

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