Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Just finished the last book of the Sookie Stackhouse Novels... Deadlocked... Yesterday... Sadness... I love the books so much.. I mean I'm not like a vampire/werewolf/fairy fanatic but it's sad to think there are not going to be anymore to look forward to!!! I just got the book on Monday, so even though I was having exams I read as much as possible and finished it in two days straight.. I don't think this fully describes the amazingness of these stories but, yeah maybe you can get a tiny idea... If you have never read them or heard about them, you should totally check them out, but don't be prejudiced or anything 'cos it's better than any ramnom fantasy teen novel. The end of the last book kind of surprised me because I didn't think it was an ending that gave me any closure what so ever and I don't like that in a book... Also, I would have liked Sookie to actually end up with some guy because in this way, I kinda got the feling it was going to be Bill or Sam. And I do not, repeat NOT, like those two. As friends they're OK I guess, but Bill with his stupid undying love and Sam too just remind me of a par of clingy lap dogs. -.- My favourites for Sook to be with were always Eric, Alcide and Quinn, because I guess that's the type of guy I would want, but obviously, all of them end up otherwise engaged (litterally in Eric's case :S).. Eric just stormed off last minute when I thought everything would end up alright, so I felt like that was really frustrating for me, and I mean I gettit she saves her bestfriend because that's onle less innocent person that dies in the book which is good.. But I REALLY don't want a relationship to evolve out of that...
My favourite also left! :'( I LOVE DERMOT SO MUCH! He is really the sweetest guy in the entire series and it was soo sad for me when he left for faery never to return.. Of all the fairies I really liked him the best! Not just because his appareant good looks, but because he is like an innocent little kid, that needs mothering constantly, which might be annoying but he is so loyal and only the tiniest bit dirty minded to make him hilarious :D I really, really hope that Charlaine Harris decided to take a little break rather than completely quitting on Sook.. And I do still hope that she ends up with one of the three guys mentioned above!

The TV series True Blood is also coming back soon, 10th of June actually, and I am really excited because I have been keeping up with spoilers and the season seems really good... Russell is returning  :O AND Steve Newlin (Jason: ''Honesty my ass!'').. So it will get quite exciting hopefully! The promos and posters also all look amazing.. I'm also really glad for this because all my current series are ending by next week latest... Gossip Girl, 90210, Glee (finished today, and was bawling throughout the entire episode because the topic is so relatable for me, I am actually going to miss school when I finish in two years..).. I only have The Voice UK and ANTM left and they are finishing so sooonnnn... In The Voice there aren't very many left but I am supporting Becky, Max and Bo.. I was really annoyed when both Adam and Aleks left but it was forseeable -.-  So, luckily I won't ave to last tooo long without my much loved series...
Coming shows to watch: So You Think You Can Dance (And I hope they have a better cast then last year, more like Season 7, I loved that one), The Glee Project (Watched some contestant interviews and am not impressed so far, my last seasons favourite was Cameron :D), True Blood (obviously!! YAY!), Pretty Little Liars (Am SO excited! Cannot wait! I love all of them! And I wanna have another look at Drew van Acker [see previous post]) and Geordie Shore is also returning for another dose of tashing on, parcnips and tears... (Oh yeah also, Ricci and Vicky are ENGAGED!??? :O)
Moving onnnn, I have still not recieved Bitterblue, but what doesn't matter for the moment because I've got a new book called The Statistical Probability Of LOVE At First Sight and I will try reading it soon as possible :D (Btw, I might want to talk about it in the fututre and I will probably be more likely to call it SPLFS because I cannot be bothered to wite out its entire name.) And concerning exams I am actually at 14/21 I am two thrirds DONE! BAM! And I had my last French exam yesterday... The happyness was flowing out of my body and I felt all fuzzy and warm inside, also I did a vicetory dance :D Otherwise I'm doing OK, had Physics today and actually did quite well, ended half and hour early and fell asleep, and APPAREANTLY startes sleeptalking, according to my dear Nesi who sits infront or me because we're candidate numbers 0039 and 0040... I hope I didn't disturbe anyone else though!
At this very moment, well before I was blogging, I actually was youtubing aroud randomly and fond this absolutley amazing Russian beatboxer, who I now love. The name is Masta Mic and his skills are crazy! (Also I love his beats! [the headphones]) I am seriously in awe of him!

Just listen to THAT!^^

Songs of Today:
212 - Azaelia Banks (Yeah, swearing I know, but I love the ''Ayooo'' part)
Feel So Good - Masta Mic (I love how he makes all his music in his kitchen :D and the way the kids dance)
Head Down - Masta Mic
Shut Eye - Stealing Sheep

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