Monday, 7 May 2012

Happy Exams! And May The Marks Be Ever In Your Favour!

1/21 Done. Had my first proper IGCSE exam today (Portuguese). It's so scary come to think about it! It wasn't too bad actually, I finished the first half of the paper in about fifteen minutes (multiple choice) and then I still had way over an hour to complete the rest of the paper, and it's not like I actually had a lot of time on my hands when I was finished. Just a bit.. Enough to first be completely stressed out because now, it actually counts and then unbelievably excited and hyper 'cos I've finished my first exam! Ohmigod!!! And I was then really surprised by how weird I was because I was checking if people were wearing shoes.. And then I was like ''wtf Rosa!??'' and THEN I was like ''WHY am I having this strange conversation in my head!??'' I've only done ONE exam and I already doubt if exams are good for my health... I think not. Tomorrow I have French. Joy.
My title is very random today, I am not going to post about the HG's, except for maybe that I found out that if I was living in Panem right now I would have been entered for the reaping at least 16 times, if I wasn't really poor. Kinda scary..
What I might actually want to talk about though is The Secret Circle which is a relatively new series by the CW. I started watching it mainly because I saw alot about it on facebook from a Lucy Hale page I like, 'cos Lucy is now dating Chris Zylka, Jake from The Secret Circle.. The show is about a girl (Cassie) who finds out that she is a ''one hundred percent, fullblooded witch'' after her mother dies and now she and her witch friends get into all kinds of troubles.. Starting with demons, gross little beings that are a slimy cross between snake and worm and that lives underneath the skin of whomever it posesses. Most gross thing EVER. I'm serious. Just remembering that episode I've got shivers running down my spine out of grossed-outness. And then there are also witch hunters and lots of other suff I havn't found out about yet. The thing that irritates me about the series though is that Cassie can't decide if she wants to be with Jake or Adam (aka. Emo-boy)... You may have noticed I'm not Adam's biggest fan. Because I love Jake and I think he deserves better than that irritating b***h Faye who hasn't gotten over her long time crush for him yet... I'm shipping Jassie :D
Jassie kissing for truth or dare, they seem to be into it :)
SO while I'm shovling my way through TSC I'm still on a tight schedule concerning my other series. Gossip Girl and 90210 have each two episodes to go, Suburgatory has three and Glee has four more. This means that I will be finished with all of those SOON. Which is good, 'cos I have new series starting in the beginning of June and I don't wanna have to watch all of them at the same time. I am SOO excited for Pretty Little Liars, True Blood and Geordie Shore to start again. These are seriously three of my absolutely favourite shows in the whole world much better than ANY of the ones that are ending which are listed above :) I don't know yet how everything is gonna work out with exams and tight series schedule, but I think I might have to put school first just this once...
It's late, or early, I meant to write this yesterday (Monday) and I did start but it took me lots longer than I expected! sorry for that!

Recently Played:
Shake It Out - Florence and the Machine (Even though I couldn't listen to this song for a day after the demon ep on TSC.)
She Said - Plan B (First brought to me by Bill Downs... Hmmmmm <3)
He's A Pirate - Hans Zimmer (Pirates of the Carribean Soundtrack yayyy)

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