Monday, 4 June 2012

Oh Happy Days, I'm Home Alone!

My mom left for Germany for three days leaving me in charge of the house and animals.. :D I'm really happy that I got to stay, because normally I always have to stay at my aunts house.. I love my cousins and all but it's so boring there.
My computer charger is broken so now I can listen to the 'relaxing' ticking noises the fuse makes everytime I plug it into the wall! God, it's annoying!!! First of all, my darling mother allowed me to use her laptop for the time being but MY laptop is my ''PRECIOUS'' and I hate not being able to use it. My mom's is much faster than mine because she has much less 'useless' random c**p on it, but that doesn't outweigh the fact that the random c**p the thing is which makes it mine!!! :'( I NEED my thousands of pictures of hot guys like Alex P! And it also has the folder of pictures that I put on my blog. K, I just need to get over it for now... Deal with it and I can have my baby back soon!!! :'(
I have recieved and read my newest book The Edumacation of Jay Baker by Jay Clarke, which was a nice book. I got it second hand of course (my mom would absolutely kill me if I bought so many books otherwise) and I now officially love the Denver Public Library! I have never in my life been to Denver or seen it's library but I got the book from there and it is immaculate! It's covered so perfectly and yeah of course it's got a library stamp, but it really doesn't matter because it's in such perfect condition! I have to respect any institution that treats their books so well!
The book itself is about this little bit nerdy guy, who is 'in love' with his best friend (oh, I can relate so well already!) and she is the most popular girl in school. His parents are on a trial seperation so his life is basicly falling appart and then he learns that this is because his mother cheated with his best friend, whom he likes, father.. So yeah everyone's mad at eachother and doesn't communicate anymore but through this he finally starts getting on well with his hyper-popular sister, future homecoming queen, and he falls for another girl. She is a pro tennis player and her dad has her on an army drill type schedule so that she will have a tennis career. Jay starts going out with her and now plays tennis with her every day. In the end of the book I actually really start liking Caroline's dad, 'cos even if he makes her work like a slave, and eventually, Jay too, he obviously actually really cares for both of them! Awwww.. Book ends with Jay's parents getting a divorce but everyone seems to be OK with it, so yeah, happily ever after.. YAY!
Aside from books I have watched several films and series, including: Men In Black, the first MIB is deffinightly the oldest film I have seen in a very long time, not in ever because I watched my fair share of Audrey Hepburn films a while back! I really liked the films, they had some hilarious scenes with Will Smith, whom I think is a genius. I laughed so hard in the last film when he immitated the way Agent K smiled, and I absolutely love the ADHDness of the future telling alien Griff, and also the end in which J sees himself as a kid and finally finds out what happened to his dad.
Also watched Snow White and the Huntsman with Kristin Stewart and Chris Hemsworth.. I quite liked the film and I LOVED the dwarves for their hillarious Britishness! I thought the way they portrayed the evil stepmother was brilliant and I loved the story, except for the part where innocent little Snow White who fights with a nail becomes an armored fighting queen who can hold her piece amongst the men who fought basicly their entire lives. It's just wayyy to unrealistic. I think they should have had a few more fight instruction scences featuring Hemsworth during their flight induced with a little or a lot of romance! PLEASE! This film was lacking LOVE! And at the same time there is a random love triangle there anyways.. I mean just cos Kristens in the film doesn't mean there have to be more than one love interest! Also, Kristen should smile more; her grumpy face is getting boring. I'm not saying that I am totally against her though, I actually think she's pretty cool. If she smiles more.
I also haven't mentioned the audition episodes of SYTYCD, in which I must say I have found already six contestants who I support. I think that these are really amazing dancers and I really want them all to get onto the live shows. You should really check out their auditions which I will post beloooow.
Um, in addition to that the last episode of The Voice was reallt good, I am still mad that Bo didn't ONCE sing a The Cranberries song. Would have sounded amazing with her voice! I really don't mind than Leanne won, because I had been supporting her from the start and I think her voice is just WOW! I really want her to duet with Adele :)
And then the first episode of The Glee Project season 2. I like some of them, especially Blake and Michael, both HOT! Seriously! But I was annoyed that the one black girl with the shoven hair didn't get in as well as the amazing Jon Cozart whom I know from his awsome Youtube vids and whom I recognized in the crowd! Shame!
This post is now really long which is totally unexpected since I dared myself to learn typing without looking at the keyboard. I have painfully failed. I've looked at the board 12 times during this entire post :/ 13 now... :( It is really tiring and I think I am going to give up on it. Oh no, 14 now... :'( My delete key feels physically abused and the constant type-delete-type-ing is very annoying and time consuming but since I'm home alone and got nothing better to do I will keep doing it. Just for this post though. So now bye! I wanna be able to look at my keyboard again without feeling guilty!!!!!

Here are the audition from my favourite most amazing dancers on SYTYCD:
Alexa Anderson, 19yrs
Megan Branch, 18yrs
Sam Lenarz, 18yrs (even though she had to go to choreo to get through)
Eliana Girard, 20yrs
Chehon Wespi-Tschopp, 22yrs
Cole Horibe, 26yrs (Wow, have I found my seconf best looking asian guy after Ryan Higa)
Stephen Jacobsen, 22yrs (S**t first audition, AMAZING second audition just stick to classical ballet pls!)

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