Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Row, Row, Row Your Boat..... GOAL!

0-1 against the Netherlands!! Whooooop!
Soooo, I know it's waaaayyyyyyy past Monday and I don't really have a good excuse for not posting either. All I CAN say in my defence is that I had just embarked on a 4 day canoeing trip for my Silver Premio, and Monday was the first day I was home. Canoeing was cool because I got to spend litterally 4 days straight with my friends and I didn't see my mom for like 7 days in a row :O lol. :) Also fun was accidentally-on-purpose pitching our (Nesi et Moi) tent close to the guys as possible because after we 'went to bed' they would start mucking around and doing impressions of eachother which were so funny Ines and I had to giggle into our sleepingbags reeeeally quietly so that no one would notice we were still awake and listening. God I nearly suffocated and cried of laughter. Having a Korean, Swede (REALLY tanned), partially Turkish and quarter Burmese calling eachother Wang-Tang, Tyrone and other stuff was the funniest thing of all of those days! What we really did most of the time though was canoeing, 45km in total... and we cooked on tiny little cooking stove thingies which were actually not too bad once you figured out how to put them together :D But the food was still to little and the grossest stuff I've ever tasted!
The good thing was though that I didn't miss the Portugal vs. Germany game which we wonnnnnnn! YAY! I mean I support oth teams but in that match-up I am still true to my roots! Gomez is the perfect German I realiezed. Except for his name I mean. But his look is so aryan even Hitler would have been happy with him... Self racism don't be mad!! I normally don't like him, but I can't be mad at him for scoring now, can i?
I am writing this while Germany is now playing against the NL and it's not looking very rosy at the moment......! Whahhhhhhhhhhh we need to win!!!!!! AND WE SCORED! GOMEZ SCORED AGAIN!!! 0-1! Come here boy and let me ruffle your hair!!!!!
Just posting this 'cos I temporarily love Gomez,
and this is a very nice pic of him!
OK, before I went to camp in the wild, I was still living in civilization but as my last post indicated, I was home alone, and what do you do when you're home alone and haven't got sh*t to do really? You do sh*t. So, the question is what sh*t did I get up to while my dear Mami wasn't home!??? I went to a party. What a surprise! Actually it wasn't that easy, because my mom called right when I had gotten ready and was on the train station waiting for the train to go to my dear Laura's house. I blatently lied severely times...... Lie no. 1: ''I'm not home, I'm walking the dog.'' In response to that she wanted me to call her when I got home. I had no intention on actually going home again and missing my train SO lie no. 2: ''I can't find the house phone, I think it's out of battery and I can't hear it when I ring it!'' (GOAAALLLLLLL! 0-2 for my beloved Vaterland!!) so then Mami called me again and talked to me about my day and then suddenly.... The train arrived. SH*T! So the doors beep - ''What was that!???'' - lie no. 3: ''Umm.. um.. uhh... My iPod's out of battery... uh..'' At this stage, I am already face-palmin myself, because that's the stupidest excuse I've EVER heard in my life, but she swallows it so I'm like *sigh of relief*!! But once I'm in the train, it obviously starts moving and getting VERY loud, and my mom, WON'T hang up the phone.... So I'm standing there praying that she doesn't notice the noise and she doesn't and when she finally says ''Bye'' I'm so relieved I sink onto a seat and I'm breathing so heavy people are looking at me as if I'd just turned yellow. So I scraped by getting found out that time. Thank god.
The rest of the night I actually had a really good time, made some new friends and got a kiss out of it right in the end :D That doesn't really mean anything other than that I was slutting around tough :P And please don't misunderstand me, I am not actually a slut, I just like to flirt :D
(1-2, Holland scored :/ but we're still winningggg!) I also went to see The Dictator with a minha querida Ines on Tuesday and I though it was absolutely hilarious. Sacha Baron Cohen is a genius. From the songs that were translated to arabic, to the incredibly ''lacist'' jokes and the WEIRD pervy ones: A really good film!
My favourite part:
This part is so funny, when I watchid it the subtitles were actually in portuguese so I didn't get half of the things they were actually saying but it's still hilarious! And in the beginning I couldn't stop giggling because of ''Loger Labbit''!! Thank god there weren't any other people in the cinema! I also now frequently use the neck-cutting-gesture behind peoples backs and I was quite surprised at Anna Faris' performance, I didn't think she could actually be that funny!
I also finished reading You Don't Have To Say You Love Me by Sarra Manning, which is basicly her first adult book, she wrote it in 2010 and I only discovered it now, which is weird because the book before that, Nobody's Girl, was my favourite at the time. Well, it's a nice concept, it's about a woman in her mid-20's called Neve (I do not know how to pronounce that name is the 1st 'e' like in 'the' before a vowel or before a consonant?), she is on a weight losing trip after being morbidly obese for a few years for the guy she fell in love with at uni and hasn't seen since. She has absolutely no clue about relationships so she asks her sisters womanizer boss to be her pancake-boyfriend (you throw the 1st pancake away, and only actually eat the second one). So everything goes fine and they actually start to like eachother more and more and the story is quite nice because you can feel how it then becomes a real relationship. And then Mr. California comes back and Neve is all excited etc. and he doesn't even show he notices that she lost at leat half her weight ot anything, but instead, intoduces her to his fiancĂ©e, Ms. California. I really like her, because other than her weightloss obsession, she is A LOT like Inesi and I find it hilarious imagining her in all the same situations. The pancake-boyfriend obviously turns into a real boyfriend by the end of the book, YAY, chick-lit is amazing, happily ever after!!! The then that actually really shocked me was that there was so much S*x in the book! Ohmigod, I was blushing and squirming out of embarrassment of reading such things in public places. But yeah, it all amounts to a good story! AND Bitterblue STILL HASN'T ARRIVED YET! RANT!
Don't have time or inspiration to write anything else, soooooo, I hope I'll be on scedule next week! Till thennn!

Aladeen song of the week:

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