Monday, 25 June 2012

Lady Queen and Sparks

Hey people, it's only been like five days since I've last posted but, I wanna get back on schedule so you have to bear with me!
What I've been doing lately consists of A LOT of reading, watching TV series and losing stuff. :S The last part isn't rlly good... BUT I got everything back, so thats brilliant :D Lost my phone (in IKEA) and my keys (in my room *eyeroll*) but, as said, got everything back due to finally clearing up my room's floor and calling IKEA to see if they found my darling mobile; which they did. YAY! Seriously, I was SO happy to see it again. Imagine allll my texts and numbers and my phone and stuff lost. But, thank god, all is well.
On Friday I finally, finally, FINALLY read my darling Bitterblue, Kristin Cashore is an absolutely BRILLIANT writer and I think her books should be WAY more famous than they are. When I said I read the book Friday, I actually mean that. I read the book in one day. Did nothing else though... Was quite alot of work as the book had a good 400 pages, but it was so worth it. The doing nothing else part I mean. :) Queen Bitterblue/Sparks is a character with which I doubted that I could sympathise so much in the beginning, seeing as she is an orninary human, in contrast to Cashores former protagonists Katsa and Fire. But it turns out, that her extraordinary life is enough to keep me ensnared to read everything in one go. Bitterblue's character is pure and strong in a way, even though she has no additional abilities. Her search for the truth is very complicated and no doubt frustrating, with many twists and turns, and higlights her subbornness to be the best person she can be. This is also the reason for her ability to keep going when the extraordinary events of her life should be to overwhelming for a young and somewhat naive girl.
Hermione by alicexz
This book is also the book which contained the most surprises. SO many people whom she trusted so much just (sometimes even litterally) stab her in the back. From her advisers who all ended up killing themselves, which on its own was as much treachery as when they intitially were unfaithful, due to her close relationship with them, to on of her favourite servants and spies, Bitterblue has a hard time knowing whom to trust. I was especially hurt by Thiel's betrayal as I often had the feeling as if he was essentially someone she had adopted as a father substitute as her parents are both dead and her real father had never behaved like one, since he was a madman. I was only happy that she found new people she could trust including Giddon, who really needs a good friend, seeing as he's still in love with Katsa, whom on the other hand deeply loves Po, thank god. Also Hava, who turns out to be her half sister, which I really like because she seems like someone who needs a friend, and Bitterblue is perfect since they are both kinda lonely. And obviously Saf, Teddy, Bren and Tilda, Saf I love, his loyality to Prince Po but his stongmindedness (VERY stubborn boy) make her perfect for Bitterblue because he is quite a lot like her which makes it possible for her to trust him. I just didn't like that he had to leave in the end, but I can understand that it was nessecary for him because their relationship could only have worked in secret. This means that she will have to have her heart broken, because it is hardly possible for her to marry him, but she wouldn't want anyone else if she still loved him, and she needs to produce heirs so yeah, poor her. Teddy is the perfect friend for her, due to his interest in teaching and books which she shares. One thing I was genuinely shoked and then hilarified by was what Po said about Bren and Tilda wanting Teddy to give them a child, because I thought this was quite absurd, but funny, and what I have tosay is... POOR TEDDY! 
Finnick and Annie: One Last Time by xxIgnisxx
And finally, I was really happy for Fire to be included in this book because I loved her personality and it was so interesting to see her from an outside perspective and with a lot of years had past. It was also odd to see Katsa from the outside, especially as I really got the feeling as if wildcat-Katsa had calmes down and setteled a lot more in the 8 years between the books. It was so weird to see Katsa loving and soft, and Fire on the other hand wise and gentle. Fire and Katsa who used to hate, and irascible, but I guess it means that their lives are more happy now so I am happy for them in turn.
Virtuoso by alicexz
After that exceptionally long review - I think my longest yet - I am not going to be very explict. The most interesting thing is True Blood, which I watched right before writing this. The concept of Trara as a vamp is still weird and I only really now understand her full hatred of vampires as she seems to even try to kill herself in the end of the episode. I feel sorry for her. I am happy on the other hand that Sook told Alcide about killing Debbie, because that is the ONLY way that there is ever going to be a proper relationship between the two. If he doesn't forgive her, they are never gonna get together, which is what I've always wanted. 
Katniss by alicexz
And I really like Pam's backstory. I love how she was fearless of the vampired when she wasn't one and her determination to become one which had nothing really to do with anything but selfpreservation. The modern day Pam is way more cold and sarcastic than the human Pam and even though I love sarcastic Pam, it's good to know that she was more emotional once. But I was happy for Sook to zap her with her fairy power 'cos she CAN be a royal bitch sometimes.
One last thing. I recently joined deviantART, a website for artists to share and even sell their work, and even though I am not active yet, (meaning I haven't posted any art) some of the work I've seen there through browsing is amazing and I would like to share some here! My favourite artist on dA is a girl called alicexz and her work is absolutely amazing.
Finnick and Annie: Half Dead by xxIgnisxx
There is also xxIgnisxx who's work is not very realistic but so emotional, it nearly makes me cry, especially her hungergames work concerning Finnick.
Hope I can keep up with my posting kinda regularily in the future (WARNING! Im going to Germany in the beginning of July, so I might not make it then) anddddd... Byeeeee!

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