Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sunburn, Baby, Burn!

So, I realise that today is Wednesday. MWAAAWWWHHH! I didn't make it again!! I'm so sorry! :S Seriously! My last week was actually quite eventful! SO I do have a lot to tell you, but I didn't have the time to tell it! :S My 'PRECIOUS', if you know what I meannnn, is still broken so I'm like ''Waaahhhh!'' :'( SO, I have to use my mom's laptop which is reaaally annoying because I have to ask when I can use it and I can't do what I want and I have to stop IN THE MIDDLE OF WHATEVER IM DOING to let her check her e-mails. Hmpf. You may have picked up that I'm not too happy about that!
''Queen'' Jessica :P Love her!!
The only good thing about writing today instead of last night is that I can now talk about the new True Blood episode that came out in the States on Monday, but I can always only watch them the next day. SO, episode two was also good, I mean, it's TB what else do you expect!? I love the entire authority setting, and it's SO CUTE how Bill and Eric have eachothers backs by not giving up anything even though they're being manipulated during questioning and everything! I was really excited when I heard that they cast a child-vampire-autority-member but I wasn't as impressed as I tought I would be, but I guess acting a vampire's age and maturity isn't easy for a young boy, so I forgive him. Tara as a vamp is absolutely awsome! I love her cold fury, I just hope she will forgive her cousine and her best friend eventually. Jessica is forever my favorite vamp. I love her because she represents teenage perfectly, when she was still human she never had a really good teenage experience because her parents were strict and all, but now she's living her life to the fullest. I also love how she treats Steve! I don't think she was ever more powerful than another vampire in her life, so she really enjoys being able to deny Steve something. Also I think it's funny that she is now basicly the Crownprincess of Louisiana and since Bill is gone, it's more like she's the Queen actually :) And she still puts her feet on the desk! :P One thing I hate: Terry's supernatural wartime accident-thingy... I don't like it. I wan't him to be normal, he's lived through too much already! I love him, and I'm really scared that his mental health is going to get any worse!
Emily's memories reveal Jenna can see.
The most recent Pretty Little Liars episode was also good. I must say I find Mona still deeply creepy and what's Lucas' deal? Like seriously, can't he just turn off the borderline-psycho behaviour for a second and go back to sweet old Lucas, who was Hanna's best friend. But I guess it's not possible since he was in love with her and all that. I was really happy for the girls to finally find out about Jenna's ability to see too, because she was also really scary while she was able to do more than anyone else knew. And although I don't particularily like her for what she has done in the past, I think it's good that the girls promised to keep her secret, I'd actually like it if they team up with her, because either, she is now a genuinely nice and lonely person or she is just an amazing actress and I think, yes she's a b*tch but she's not cruel. And the end, with the body bag, sent shiveres down my spine. God, A was being serious about playing with body parts! O.o
Aylin and Blake kiss during spin the bottle,
now here's a good couple!
I don't know if I've mentioned this but I also integrated The Glee Project into my schedule, and I must say I actually really like some of the contestants. Aylin, Nellie, Blake and Michael beong to my favourites and Lily, Abraham, Charlie and Tyler just irritate me. I like Blake and Michael mainly because, ohmigod, they are SO gorgeous! But I like Blake more than Michael 'cos he has such a nice personality and he is such a good actor, and I'm worried that Michael just doesn't have enough unikenesss to stay on the show. As to the people that irritate me: Lily - bossy, ego-centric, self-pitying girl, whom I just *urghhh!* do NOT like. Abraham - not unike at all, way to old looking for the show and he also plays the poor-me-people-think-I'm-gay card and I just have to say, ''Do you have a problem with gay people!?'' Charlie - he thinks he's the leader of the group or something, he thinks he is better than the others because he was the one who was selected for the show first or something. From him questioning the song choice of the mentors, to him trying to grab their attention by taking away Mario's stick-thingy (he's blind), just turn it down for a sec OK? Oh, and can you get of off Aylin, poor girl doesn't acually want to be with you, she's just doing it to keep you happy. Oh and Tyler boy, I think he's just annoying, I don't think it's his fault, it's just I'm not used to seeing a male with all the bad atributes of a girl, clingy, nagging, urgh...
Looking forward to amaaazing dancing!
And I just now watched SYTYCD Vegas Week. I always like Vegas Week because you really get to see who's amongst the judges favourites and who just isn't good enough in the end. I'm actually happy because Alexa (my absolute fav girl) and Chehon (deffs my fav guy) are still in the competition, as well as Cyrus, Megan, Cole and Janelle are too! Wow, they really have a hard job narrowing it down to 20 next week! ALL of them are amazing dancers! I just hope Alexa's done enough, 'cos she did have some difficulties in the beginning.
Aw it's finally here :')
While I am just writing this, the door bell rings and the post man brought my COPY OF BITTERBLUE by Kristin Cashore!!!!! Finally. You have no idea how long I've been waiting for it! I was screaming and vicory dance/jumping around the appartment so that my dog was seriously worried about me. And I don't wanna seem crazy of anything, but, it's so beautiful! The book I mean, NO KIDDING! Like the smell and the cover design!!! :') I'm so happy it's finally here and even though I am currently re-reading Mockingjay (3rd HG's book) by Suzanne Collins I'll have it on my bedside table so that I'll have sweet dreams. About re-reading: I'm craying like a baby every 5 pages because I know the ending and I don't want people to die!
So yeah other than this I can only say my mom said this morning that we might try and go to a place so they can fix my computer because she's sick of me using hers.. :D Happy me!! And yes I was complaning about it earlier this post but you must know that this took me several days to write so the situation has changed :)

It's the first day of summer, officially, so enjoy it and party on! I know that's what I'm going to do!

My Welcome Summer Song:
Young Blood - The Naked And Famous (White Sea Remix)

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