Monday, 20 August 2012

Doors and Windows

Heyaa Guys! Got a lot to tell you today so lets go!
Last week I finally met up with my best friend, Nesi, again after she came back from partying in the USA. We went shopping for new school blazers in Zara, and it turned into a kind of binge-try-out-session. Ohmigod, so many gorgeous clothes in the new collection! I love the cocktail dresses and they have really fab jeans and I LOVE my new blazer. And I love the silky baggy trousers which I WISH (SO MUCH) I had gotten but didn't in the end.. After all my mom was buying.. :D Thanks Mami!
We also went to see Ted, which I only agreed to watching because the trailer is really funny. I originally thought it would be one of those films that seem hilarious in the trailer but then turn out not to have any other gags except those. But I was wrong! The film about a thirty-five-year-old and his teddy bear is hilarious and more than just a comedy! It started out as a comedy then turned into a bit of a romance and ended with a bit of action even. And a happily-ever-after! Perfect! Mila Kunis is a brilliant actress and the director did an absolutely brilliant job in my oppinion! All in all the film is about a guy who nearly loses his longtime girlfriend and realises he needs to finally grow up. 'Cos if you live with your teddy all your life it makes sense that you are still afraid of thunder at that age. Hence the thunder-song, which was my favourite comedy moment in the entire film. It's a really great film for teens and post-teens due to swearing and drug abuse and comedy that is not quite clean. Which makes it amazing, because it has a childish theme, which is packaged in a way that it is attactive for a slightly older audience without making them seem out of place, but identifyable - because who doesn't wish that you still had your teddy bear sometimes?
Goregeous and Talented Blake <3
Last week a few of my series ended, including The Glee Project. I am sooo happy with the out turn! My baby boy Blake won!!! He was my favourite right from the beginning partially because he's gorgeous probably, but also because he is insanely freaking talented... Weeeell as long as he doesn't have to sing harmonies :D But don't judge him, he'd never done it before!! Well, Blake was up against Aylin and Ali in the final, Aylin being one of my early favourites as well because she has an amazing and interesting voice and because her story would be perfect for Glee. She has such a unike story against everyone else in the show she could have easily won. But so could Ali, Ali is a really sweet and positive girl who actually is in a wheelchair. She is super talented and loves broadway, but I didn't like her because she was too talented and I was scared she would be competition foor Blake. Aylin I started disliking for the same reason in the end. Well I was so nervous because Ryan Murphy is always so clear when he says he wan't someone with a weakness and other than the harmony singing Blake really doesn't have one. Or he doesn't show it, because in reality everyone has one! Blake is gorgeous and funny and REALLY nice and I am really happy that he won because, being such a great actor they will surely give him a really interesting part to play! One more thing, people where 'shipping' him with different people all the time, Nellie, Aylin, Ali... I'm Team Blellie 100%! They'd be so sweet together... Had he not got a girlfriend :'(
Jay, Vicky, Ricci. Chaz, Gaz, Holly, Becca, Sophie and James
Geordie Shore also ended, Mwahhhhh :'( I am already missing the clique and they're not even gone a week! In the end Charlotte and Gaz still haven't got together, but they kinda both admitted that they both love eachother in a weird magnetic kinda way. Still they're trying really hard to stay just friends, which is really hard for Charlotte particularily because she hates seing him with other girls but she doesn't wanna fall for him all over again! I am actually kinda proud that they really didn't shag the entire season! I mean they wanted to but they did it! Gotta give them respect for their endurance! Jay also anounced he was leaving GS for good and everyone burst into tears especially Char and Gaz I mean he's kinda like a big bro and a best mate for each of them and I can totally understand when they all say it's not going to be the same anymore without him. I mean afer season one that one guy left and I really didn't care but Jay is so much part of 'the family' that it was actually, even for me, sad to see him go!
Curtis, Alesha, Nathan, Kelly and Simon
But as one door closes a window opens so I have found another few series I am enjoying watching including BNTM (Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model), Project Runway and Misfits. Misfits is my biggest new obsession! It's a British tv series about five youth offenders who get caught up in a storm which gives them super-powers as well as several incidents involving killing their probation workers. The characters are diverse and funny, my favourite is deffenightly Nathan who is immortal and has an incredible insensitivity and arogance in a way that makes him unbelievably funny to me. And I also like Kelly who is described as a bit of a chav sometimes, she has a bit of a temper and she can read minds. Kelly is actually a really sweet girl in a way, but the circumstances she lives in don't really allow her to put down her though exterior. The rest of the gang are Curtis, a former athelete who can manipulate time, Alesha a beautiful and flirty girl who has the power (or curse) to set anyone who touches her into a sexual frenzy and Simon who is an incredibly selfconcious and quiet, on the verge to creepy guy who has the power of invisibility as he often feels ignored.
I love all of the characters and I am only on season two but I have read that Nathan only stays for two seasons and the rest of the cast not much longer, which already makes me kinda sad!! I don't wan't them to leavvvve! Especially Nathan of course, no-one will be able to replace his twaty little hilarious personality!! :S
I'm just saying one more thing and that's about the Pretty Little Liars books, which I am totally obsessed with now, I love them! The characters may be slightly different from the ones in the show and the time is all warped if you compare them and some of the storylines are different.... Aria isn't with Ezra anymore and Hanna is dating Mike, Arias little brother??? Also one book incorporates like one week wich is seriously weird! As much stuff as happens in the book is reeeeally unlikely to happen in one week... Also Spencer is adopted!? And Emily likes boys again? It's so weird but I like it because there is still the same undertone int the story and the series which makes me love them equally and see them rather as different perpectives than as competing realities. I'm deffenightly not going to stop reading them!
Ok, let me finish up season two of Misfits before I go to bed! Night Guys! XX

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