Monday, 13 August 2012

Being A Bridesmaid

Now, I've never been a bridesmaid, flowergirl yes but I guess I'm stilt too young to have one of my friends marry! Since I don't have any siblings... But I've always loved weddings and I hope that appart from my own I'll be a part of some of them! Yeah, that's also why I love wedding films... In addition to the fact that they tend to be chick-flicks and which sixteen year old female doesn't love those? SO, from The Wedding Crashers (deffs one of my fav films, like, ever) to my most recent wedding film Bachelorette, I'm aways gonna to enjoy them!
Bachelorette is a film about three bachelorettes who meet up for the first time since highschool for their ''third-wheel'' - or more appropriately ''fourth-wheel'' - friend, Becky, whom they secretly used to call Pig Face.
Kirsten Dunst as Regan
The three girls all have their seperate problems, Regan is a control freak, Katie a hardcore party-girl and Gena just doesn't give a f*ck about anything much in life since her highschool boyfriend ''messed up her life'' by getting her pergnant at fifteen and then not being there for her during her abortion or anything afterwards. In an attempt to liven up Becky's bachelorette party they bring in a stripper and get a hold on drugs and booze. But when Becky turns out to have changed and not enjoy theeir little surprise they decide to have a good time on their own. In the process they rip the wedding dress and have to go to great lengths to fix it before the wedding. Katie is too messed up to help so she is brought home by one of the grooms friends and hits it off with him. Gena is forced tro co-operate with this former ex-boyfriend who's mother is supposed to fix the wedding dress. He manages to convince her that he still loves her and it is clear that she still has feelings for him too. Regan meets the player best man who pursues her when his friends tell him that she is a super-woman due to her high expectations and controling personality, because he likes the challenge.
Lizzie Caplan as Gena
In the end they do manage to get the dress back in time for the wedding and each of the girls found someone who is good for their drastic life styles. Gena admits that she still loves her ex and realises that she might have made a few bad life choices. And Katie found someone who is going to control her outrageous partying so that she won't get into life threatening sitiations in a regular basis anymore.
I liked this film so much because each of their disfuntionality is hilarious and I especially love Gena's dry pesonality.
Isla Fisher as Katie
What I've also been watching is Torchwood a Doctor Who spin-off series about Captain Jack Harkness, whom I've always loved as a character due to his incredible firtatiousness and the gift (or curse) of not being able to die, cortsey of Rose Tyler. I have now watched the first two series and gotten to love all the characters. Owen is a selfabsorbed doctor who became cold and hard due to the death (through alien) of his yound fiancĂ©. Toshiko the incredibly brilliant technician who loves Owen but isn't selfconfident enough to arouse his attention. Gwen who is the protagonist who is incredibly sensible and keeps everyone from not caring about people. And Yanto who was desperate to get a job with Torchwood and now is receptionist/coffee maker/anything anyone needs and who is Jack's boyfriend in a way. All these caracters have really grown on me, in how they try to save the world on a daily basis and all have characteristical flaws of a real person. This explaines who I cried when Owen and Tosh just died. I loved Owen because I always like the slightly arrogant characters, as they amuse me, and Tosh because she is taken for granted and I felt sorry for her, but also because she keeps believing in love even though she gets pushed off again and again.
I'm trying to make this a short post because I really have to learn to stop myself from writing a book everytime I want to offer my opinion on something!
Ps: I'm SO proud that I've got this finished ON  TIME, at a decent time. Just like it is supposed to every Monday but kind of never is. :S :D

Soundtrack To My Current Life:
BBC Radio 1 but here are some songs that I recently downloaded:
Battle For Middle You - Julio Bashmore
Ai Se Eu Te Pego - Michel Telo (I just love how the English radio DJs pronounce this!)
What's In Your Head - Disclosure
Heatwave - Wiley ft. Ms D

Yanto, Gwen, Jack, Tosh, Owen

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