Thursday, 9 August 2012

Be Brave And Live La Vida Loca

Soooo, my mom made me come camping ''for some days'' on Sunday, hence the delay. Sorry. I refused to come without my laptop and an internet-USB-stick-thingy and on the five hour drive to our beach destination in the south of Portugal I watched Brave. I am a complete sucker for Pixar animated films, don't judge me! I just find the whole thing so cool, like, the production process of such a film is really intersting to me, and also Pixar has such an unique and awsome style.
Merida at the Waterfall by alicexz
I really liked the story and it is quite refreshing to watch a ''kiddie-film'' sometimes, in age and gender appropriate chick-flicks, the main topic is ALWAYS boys and love and shizzz! And yeah, most of the time I also love that genre of film but, it gets depressing sometimes. Like, when you wish you where with someone and he/she just doesn't recognize you're existance... Or when you've been friendzoned.... In chick-flicks everything always has a happy ending which is hope inspiring and blah, but on down days you just realize that it's totally un-fricking-realistic and that this deffs won't happen to you. Joy. So yeaaahhh, watching a totally non romantical movie was nice.
Real life version of Merida/Fire
Brave is about a girl, actually a princess, my age who is supposed to marry one of the other tribes leaders' sons but she doesn't want to. Merida wants to be independent and is much more of a tomboy in general. Nesi recons that it is based on Boudica, but the story is based in Scottland rather than Wales so that probably isn't true..  Well, anyways, her mother is not supportive of her strive for free will and Merida feels treated unfairly so one day when she is out in the woods with her horse she finds a witches house and begs her to mix her a concotion that will change her mother. Unfortunately, the potion litterally changes her mother into a bear; unfortunate 'cos her father is obsessed with bear hunting. In her new bear form the mother can't stay in the castle and Merida has to show her the ways of the wild as she knows much more about the forrest. In this time the two bond and Merida finally realizes that she actually was quite happy with the mother that she had before. In order to reverse the spell they have to, essencially, understand eachother, which is what was the problem with them all along. In addition to the fact that they are both strong minded and 'mildly' stubborn women.
Remind you of Fire at all?
All ends well, and the mother returns to her human form, and Merida doesn't have to marry any of the suitors at hand. The film is a great way to remind children and teenager to be thankfull that they have parents who love them so much that they may not realize their love is ''suffocating'' their offspring. I generally get along with my mother and once in a while, after a disgreement/argument that comes along sometimes :/, I realize how glad I am that I have her, and what a fantastic job she is doing at showing me the ropes of life. She isn't perfect, but who is? Thank you, Danke, for always being there for me! <3
Ps.: Does Merida not remind you of Fire by Kristin Cashore in the slightest?
Agentine Tango
On the remainder of the trip I used up my laptop battery pretty quickly so I has to resort to reading, not the worst second option.. :D I read Living La Vida Loca by Belinda Jones, which as you might guess has someting to do with Spanish and a certain Ricky :P.. Well, it is the perfect chick-lit, but it's more flirty and sexy rather than sodden with deep emotions, so it's more like a Rosé wine in comparison to a Tinto (red).. I think it can be described pretty well as Pimm's if I have to chose a drink! Acohol influenced, fruity and bubbly.
Paso Doble Attitude
The story is about a dancer and a costume desigenr who are best friends and who's earliest similarities in life was adoring Come Dancing on TV. Beth, the dancer, has through tragic incidents sunken to the level of concidering stripping in order to come up with some money. And Carmen is also on a low point in her life haing broken up with her verbally abusive boyfriend for the third time. Through a bit of trickery Beth get's cast on a reality TV show that follows her to three spanish speaking countires to dance the local dances and she gets to take Carmen. The dances being the tragic Tango, feisty Paso Doble and fliry Cuban Salsa, Carmen learns to let go of her ex-boyfriend and learn to love herself a-new. Severla romantic interests are involved but more on a holiday romance basis. Beth learns to let herself go and just have fun in dancing and not seing it as a job, and finally finds her man in the crew of the show. As Beth's relationship grows, Carmen becomes more independent and both of them find themselves having the best time of their lives in contrast to their low only three weeks before.
The book is so incredibly attractive to me especially because it isn't too serious (but does adress the issue of verbal abuse in a very adequate way), it made me laugh a lot and some parts where so cringeworthy I thought I wouldn't be able to carry on reading in a positive way. It's about dance and romance and fun and sun and spanish and living la vida loca. I could easily see relate to the characters and was following the story to excitedly I was wide awake at 2 o'clock in the mornings, AFTER I had put the book down to finally sleep. The book made me wish I had that opportunitly of dancing myself through the world and made me deffenightly interested in dance holidays.. Gap year maybe!? *Brow waggle* :D
Oh and about Ricky... The fictional TV shows ghastly snotty director was called Rick :D
Going to bed now but I can't resist saying this about the weeks True Blood: Bill's a douche. But I love Eric and Jason. I now call my cat Eric. Because he's got fangs and he's big and arogant and blond but I can't help loving him at the same time.
Niiiight! XX

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