Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sitting In A Tree!

Matthew and Mary at the altar!
Mary and Matthew from Downton Abbey are actually finally getting married!!! I am SO happy! I watched the first episode of the new season on Sunday, when I had access to an actual television at my aunt and uncle's house. :) Yaaay Downton's back! I love it!! And I was soooo happy that Mary and Matthew are finally tying the knot!!!!! It took such a long time for them to finally get together, and then there was fighting about stupid money again. And I was like ''Noooooooo!! How can this be happening!?''... But then everything turned out fine!
Maggie Smith - Dowager Countess of Grantham
Sybil married the chauffeur, who is an Irish republican and really strong opinions... Which actually annoy me most of the time. I mean you married the girl now you gotta put up with the family and try not to be so impolite! And Edith is still the vile lonesome old-maid that no one ever likes. She is so desperate for a husband she's looking at guys her father's age.. Urgh.. I mean I should probs feel sorry for her but her horrid personality cancels that out for me.. I find her really stupid and annoying. Maggie Smith's character is just amazing and made me laugh several times! Her dry little remarks on the side are the funniest because she has such traditional ideas and is a bit stuck in olden times, I find that quite sweet and I feel sorry for her that the wold is changing so much so quickly! And how I've missed Bates and Anna, I am horrified that he actually went to prison but I was shocked by his sudden outburst of anger and couldn't help thinking ''Is he really innocent!?''.. Sure his wife was old b*tch, and he's one of the nicest guys, but I guess you never really know!
Another series that started new is Glee! Yay, my singing and dancing drama-queens are back with a few new additions. Some of these being, Jake Puckerman (now where do we know that name from?), Marley Rose and a new queen biatch of the cheer leading squad.
I was obviously immediately shocked by the glee club's new found popularity and the horrible personalities they got with it! Seriously they were behaving just as bad as anyone who ever bullied them.. And then poor Rachel in NY city; all alone and her dance teacher hating her within an instant... I really did feel sorry for her! Finn is off with the army and left her all alone, which I doubt is a smart move seeing as there is a handsome Auzzie, who clearly doesn't mind her staring at his half-nakedness after showering.. I'd be actually properly shocked if Rachel cheats on Finn! I would never think that possible! But thank goodness Porcelain/Kurt decided to move to New York so now she's not as alone, and she's got her bestie back!
Jake and Marley Rose
As for the new arrivals, Marley seems like a really nice girl and an amazing singer and maybe she has the potential of becoming Rachel 2.0!? There's a small chance seeing as the remaining glee club members are already fighting over the place but I think she might just deserve it! And I do hope that Jake gets hist stuff together and joins, I was in awe when he sung his audition because it was the complete opposite of what I had expected of him, but then he got angry and did exactly what I thought he would in the first place and I wanted to shout at him ''what are you doing you stupid boy!?'' Well, he's deffs cute and talented and I can understand why already now, people are shipping Jarley :D
But what I'm really looking forward to is obviously my baby, Blake coming to the show!! I heard his first episode is ep four which is titled ''The Breakup'' and there are rumours about Kurt and Blaine.. I coincidence... Who knows.. I don't really mind if he does play a gay guy, but it'd be weird! I'm excited to see what'll happen, and I'm starting to really regret that they're not gonna have Aylin's storyline even though I didn't really want her to win the Glee Project I think it would have been absolutely brilliant and SO interesting to have that on the show!
Lonely New York Rachel
Well it took me three days to finally finish this post. Not much time when you're doing the stupid IB, I just wanted to tell you that it may start taking a while till I upload something, even though I promise I will start writing every Monday!

Instead of my usual music collection, I'm showing you a collection of my absolute favourite Youtubers at the moment!! Click on the name and I'll send you to a video!

Caspar Lee (My dear little slut!! Cutest South African everrr! And funniest too!)
JacksGap (Jack [and occasionally his twin Finn] Harries)
Sam Pepper (Haha, best pranks! Such a crazy guy!)
Marcus Butler (Also part of the clique and really funny!!)
PointlessBlog (I love Alfie!)

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