Monday, 24 September 2012

Call The Doctor My Heart Is Breaking

So, this weekend I had to write the frist essay of the year. YAYYY, HISTORY, YAYYY!! Actually I realised once again that it is f*cking super-hard to write a stupid thousand word essay. Humpf. I used to have a major problem with writen too much which is really why I got this blog in the first place.. To learn the ways of proper essay writing and to also use up all my excess essay writing needs so that in the future I may be able to write better and shorter essays. Welll, I succeeded on the second part. The thing was supposed to be thousand-twohundred words... I'm not really sure if I even managed to do a thousand.. Waaaahhhh!! Sh**tt, maybe I just wasn't interested in the topic... I mean whatever I write here is probably like a thousand words every time.. Just checked. My last post was eight-fifty.. What a boss...
The 11th Doctor with Rory and Amy
What I wanted to write about this time is the last episode of Doctor Who, yay! I do watch DW every week and I think it's one of the best series ever! Steven Moffat, is a genius because I also love Sherlock and Torchwood which are two of his other series. I desperately want to see what happens when the Doctor and Sherlock meet, that would be so funny! Especially as Sherlock doesn't even think that the solar system is important enough to know. :D Haha, I mean, I don't really know the exact order either, but I do know for sure that the earth orbits thhe sun not any other way.
Well, in the latest ep of the Doctor, he came to stay with the Ponds for a while because there was an invasion of black cubes. Randomness... Especially as nothing happens for like a year. I thought it was rlly nice for Amy and Rory to have him stay in their lives for a while, because normally when he takes them on adventures they'll ''be back in a second'' since he can also contort time.. Amy says something like ''We became a part of the Doctor's life, but he never stayed long enough to become a part of ours, except once'..'' and I thought, that's a really sad but true thing. Well yeah the cubes turend out to be some earth monitoring device that infiltrated the earth and got optimal information about everything.. And some alien planned to kill some million earthlings just for fun, like always which the Doctor. 
And in the end everyone is saved and there isn't any casualties. I didn't actually like this episode alot except for the quotes. Another good one, again from Amy, was ''This was when we discovered the true meaning of 'cubed'... To the power of three!''.. Yh tht was a nice one, I guess. But - I think I've said this a lot already, but who cares - I really preffer the time travel ones! I think they are much more interesting because then people get to dress up and we get to meet Van Gogh and stuff. SO cool. I guess I'm just a bit of a history nerd! :P
Another thing is, I really like the Doctor and Amy and Rory and the whole power of three thing but I'm now actually excited to meet the new companion. I've had two seasons of the Ponds, don't be mad, but I'd like fresh meat.. And Amy and Rory spent ten years on and off travelling with the Doctor, I think they're getting old and probably should retire.
Caspy Leee <3
I've also been thinking about doing second post about my favourite hotties of the moment, if you wanna see the last one check out >THIS<! Well I'm not going to do an entire post I'm just gonna list some now :)
First of all my youtube babies, which I found all in one little corner of youtube. Which turned out to be like an irish gold pot at the other end of the rainbow!! Theres maily tree guys I'm going to mention, there is more but they aren't as physically attractive and I've already linked all of them in my last post.. So yeah, my first darling is Caspar Lee, a South African teenager who is really cute and funny, and really sweet too because he like looves his family. He does, like, vloggy vids every sunday, where he just talks to the camera and makes this face that he thinks is really attractive, so it's really funny, he also consideres himself a slut. But in a good way, if that's even possible. The only thing I'm not tooo into is his wierd obsession with One Direction... Sorry babes, I don't seem to like them very much...
Finny boy!
Jack, naaaww!
Guys number two and three have to share a paragraph because they're twins. Jack and Finn Harries from JacksGap. It's actually Jack's youtube channel but Finny pays occasional visits because he is such a sexy beast and people keep fightling over which twin is hotter... Sorry Jack I'm goin with ''Finn, Finn, the hotter Twin!!''! Except for I also love Jack, he has the weirdest little skills, one of which recently warmed my heart; he was playing the harmonica... Really well actually, and I couldn't help thinking... Yes Jack, I WILL marry you. Maybe I really should become a mormon.. Having multiple husbands at the same time doesn't seem like a bad fate. But on all other grounds Finny is my boy! Also because he's artistic and he goes to Leeds Uni, which currently is one of my most top unis to got to maybe... 
Cam.... Hmmm..
Moving on... I have a new and growing crush on Cam Gigandet, who I only actually know from the Twilight Saga films (and Easy A I just realized) but he is all over my pinterest and ohmigod he's hot! It's weird he looks a lot like Matt Lanter from 90210, except for the fact that I'm really not attracted to Matt.. I thinks it must be his sexy body and his tattoos! Who doesn't like a bit of a bad bwoi!? The only thing is he really isn't that much of a bad boy, he's got a girlfriend and they're having their second child at the moment, aww! I'm not actually mad about that, like some people get, with me if I don't have a complete obsession with someone I don't mind them having a girlfriend/wife, 'cos I kinda want them to be happy! My obsessions include, Alex, and Finn and Caspar are also sliding more and more into that category.
And my third guy is Max Irons, who I first got to know in Red Riding Hood a year or something like that ago. Ohmigod. He is also incredibly cute! I loved him from when I frist saw him in an arranged engagement to Amanda Seyfried and I was hoping the entire film that she wouldn't run off with the other guy. Waaaahhhh, she obviously did in the end tho.. One thing about him is, that he looks a lot like a guy I used to like waaaay back in Germany, except for that my friend who still goes to his school says he looks nothing like that... Well I guess there's always wishfull thinking.. I'm finding it kinda hard to write bout these guys because even though I am kinda in deep attraction too all of there I don't really know alot abou them... Well except for Caspy, Jack and Finny! Since youtube is such a selfbearing medium! 
Maxy my sexy Brit!
Actually I just remeberd reading that Max is gonna play a part in the film of Stephanie Meyer's    The Host which I am looking forward to due to that! Another thing. Ohmigod. They've cast Finnick Odair. It's Sam Claflin, who is also on my list of hotties actually! I am really excited to see this. I was only finding it weird 'cos Sam's face is so innocent!! He looks so innocent, and not at all the heartbreaker and flirt! I'm excited to see him in a new role though, It'll show if he's a good actor. The film that everyone knows him from is the latest Pirates of the Carribean, where I called him ''god-boy'' actually. Lets see if we can corrupt that image of his Ô.õ (That's supposed to be an eyebrow waggle btw)..
Another side of Sam.. I like this more!
I'm writing this in my double free since I've not got any homework for the week yet, I actually think this is quite a stupid free but whatever. It's good that I'm writing this now so that I don't waste my time procrastination over this at home. Actually I think I'll still do that because I'll have to edit this and put pics of incredibly good looking men in here... How is that not procrastination material please?! Ill post this when I'm hommme! So don't get confuuuuused.. I'm sorry I don't know what that was. I don't think I slept enough last night... I get very weird when I don't sleep :S
I won't trouble you with my randomness any longer... Fare well my friends!

Stuck in my head:
Make Some Noise - Chuckie ft. Junxter Jack
Anything Could Happen - Ellie Goulding

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