Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Rise Of Caspar Lee

Now that school has actually started again, you'd think that I would know better which day of the week it is right? No. You assumed wrong. I spent half of today in the firm conviction that today is Monday, it being the first day of school and all that. Then I find out that it is actually not Monday, so I believed that it was Wednesday for the next few hours. Took me 'till the end of the (school-) day to figure out that it was indeed Tuesday and that I hadn't blogged! SO sorry! School is totally messing up my body-clock completely!!! And my phone! It didn't inform me to listen to Innuendo Bingo on BBC Radio 1 as it was instructed to... Hmpf.

I'm so exausted after an actually quite nice day of school. I mean, no more French, no more Physics.. Can't complain. Except for, I only have ONE free-period per week!!!! Nooooo! Ok, but OTHERWISE 'tis good to be back! When I forst came into school it was so weird though, due to financial problems, or summin, I don't rlly know, the American school nearby has to halve its number of students so my school is completely swamped by new people. Our year is the biggest in the school, we've got eighty people. And this is the IB we're talking about... Normally the numbers go down when we get our GCSE's. Thankfully due to my lovely, faraway bestie Laura (Whyyyyy do you havta go to boarding school!?) I already know a few of my new class mates so, I'm not completely overwhelmed by social awkwardness... Well yeh, I still am, but not AS MUCH! And my dear Nesi is also ''helping'' me. With that I mean she is making me talk to random people. I hate it. I hate it Nesi, cn u hear!? But I get that I need to get over myself and just do it, so I do. I also hate that you're right. -.-
When there were still holidays, and I had none of these terrible problems, I read the book that I uncharacteristically even preordered on amazon: The Rise Of Nine by Pittacus Lore, which is part of the Lorien Legacies series, which started with I Am Number Four. Wow, that's a lot of 'italic' in one sentence! Weeell, it is a terribly good book, and I feel ashamed to say that I cross read some other book with it.. You see, I am still on the Pretty Little Liars series, actually in the first chapters of one, when this baby arrived. I mean, you know how some good book just start of slower and some are like *BAM!* *CRASH!* *OHMIGOD!* right from the start, The Rise Of Nine deffenightly does boom and crash...
I never read multiple books at the same time. Since I don't have a boyfriend, my books are my relationships for now, and even though they might only last a few days I did concider myself as a faithful bookworm until recently. I mean I'm against the concept of cheating (in relationships of any kind) in general, so I do, genuinely, feel awful about it. Especially 'cos I had an amaaazing time! Who doesn't like booms and crashes? Enough of this..
The series is about a group of aliens on earth which are actually hiding from another scary, bad alien race who are trying to kill them.. Thankfully they look exactly like humans, except for gorgeous... So yeah they've already had a few fights with the other aliens called 'the Mogadorians'. And they've all learned how to fight from their mentors (except for Marina, 'cos her mentor was stupid), and most of their mentors have died already.. Sad, because their mentors were basicly like parents to them.
The book picks up right where the last one left of so it's pretty much really intense from right at the beginning. It's from three perspectives, John/Number Four, Six and Marina/Number Seven, and that is mainly because they spend most of the book in two seperate groups at other ends of the world.. John is with Nine in the USA and Six, Marina and Ella/Number Ten meet up with Eight in India, where the latter is worshipped as Vishnu, since his legacy is shape-shifting.. So John and Nine are not getting alon very well, mainly because Nine is a slightly arrogant, taking life not at all serious, guy who annoys the sh*t out of John before they start becoming friends, and probs still afterwards.. :) And they are trying to find out what to do next while they wait for Six to come back. At the same time Six, Marina and Ella and Ella's mentor have to fight some in India in order to get to Eight and then they are really annoyed when he is making them prove themselves worthy before actually coming to meet them. Eight is obviously also really good looking and has the same taking like not at all seriously attitde as Nine, but it later turns out that he found out that he's gonna die fighting before he met any of them and he doesn't get to go back to their home planet.. Poor guy.. So then there's some more epic fightling in India this times not just an army but the Mogs too, and Ella's mentor died, which is horrible because the girl is only twelve.
Who else could be my Johnny boy but Alex? :)
In the USA John and Nine have some fun with the FBI, who can't get them restrained because they are all  freakishly strong and the FBI seems to be wielding Mog technology weapons, which is when they find out that the govenment and the Mogs are working together.. YAY! So then they take a road-trip down to New Mexico because they find out the one of their rockets is being held by the stupid Feds.. The rocket isn't the only one though. There's also John's human girlfriend and best friend (you remeber Sam and Sarah!) and by that time Six. Eight tried to teleport (another of his legacies) them out of India to new Mexico because thats the nearest place to John he can go, and only Six actually ends up there unfortunately, the rest are in Somaila and then have another stop by Stonehenge which Eight completely manages to destroy, just for fun :D, before they also get to America.
Badest and coolest chick on the block: Six
Six doesn't have any water since she ended up in desert Dulce and gets caught by the stupid FBI and then they give her some stupid drugs that make her talk stuff she doesn't wanna say. After she's not dehydrated anymore she realises that they gave har drugs and kicks the sh*t out of some agents who want to give her more, she is seriously the most bada*s girl ever :D especially 'cos her legacy is invisibility, hehe! In the end the boys meet up with the people from India and there's only one Grade (thats waht they call themselves) left that they haven't met yet, so they decide to fight the ugly leader of the Mogs who is also in the FBI's base. Then they fight again and it's really awsome and loads of them nearly die but don't and then the Mogs vansih 'cos they're affraid of something, hopefully! By now there's been a ''sweeeet'' reunion with John and Sarah, which I totally hat because, I think that Sarah's the completely wrong girl for him! HE SHOULD BE WITH SIX!! He kinda likes her, she deffs likes him, they're both loric (the alien race they are), everything wud be perfect, but NO, John has to think he likes stupid Sarah more!... -.-
Those Eyesss!! Caspar you gorgeous specimen!
That is kinda where the book ends, I'm really excited for the next one but I'll have to wait atleast another year, in total there's supposed to be six :D So, that gives me still lotsa hope for John and Six, but I' suspecting it's more likely gonna be Six and Nine :'( I like nine a lot, I think he's absolutely hilarious but, in my oppinion, he's not perfect for Six!! Ooooh, and I also forgot to say that Marina and Eight get together, which is sad, 'cos we already know he'll die! :(
I learned to love another person. I might have shyness issues with real people but I do fine with intenet guys!! Awww Caspar Lee, you gorgeous and absolutely adorable South African boy!! I wuv himm! He's so preeetty and so funnnny and so preeetty and I like his accent! You have to go check him out un youtube!! But keep your hands off.... He's miiiine!
STUPID Film! DO not watch!
I also watched a really stupid filma called The Royal Tenenbaums which is a story about a seriously f*cked-up family, the Dad tries to reconnect with his wife and kids by telling them he's got six weeks to live, the Mom is about to marry another guy, Son 1 is completely safety obsessed and won't let his two kids have any fun since their mother died in a plane-crash, Daughter feels unloved because she's adopted and chain smokes since age twelve and Son 2 is a failed tennis-pro who lost his game when his sister marries another guy. You get it... He's in love with her! I only watched it because the trailer actually looks funny and who can resist a film with Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller, and the there are also Owen's brother Luke, and Gweneth Paltrow so I thought, this is gonna be good... No. It's a stupid non-happily-ever-after-film. :'( Sniff.... I like happily-ever-afters! I mean all ends well but it's a really weird indie/artsy film that just happens to starr loadsa cool people. DON'T BE TRICKED BY FALSE ADVERTISING I TELL YOU! I didn't particularily enjoy it. I felt really cheated in a way.. Expect something to be good.. Ends up being stupid.. And one more thing: Usually I don't get grossed out in cinema kissed, but I guess you can't help it when a brother and sister get together... Urghhhh! Eww! Gross.....!!
Bye ppll!!!! XXX Happy first day of school!!

Ps.: OOh, Ohhh, one more thing!! My brain won't shut up so I'll just have to put it here! DID YOU WATCH THE PLL SUMMER FINALE!??? OHMIGOD. Would have NEVER have thought that Toby was A's little helper!! I was betting on Caleb until that very moment and then I felt awful, because he even got shot!!! And also OHMIGOD, Emily killed that guy O.O!!
Love this! Makes me laugh every time, 'cos it's so true!! :D
Ok, I need to shut up now!! X

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