Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Sleeping In The Wildernis

HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN!? AGAIN!? I've recently been getting so many daily views that I've forgotten to update my blog again this week! I only realised now that I've come home early from school and actually have a little free time..
So what I should tell you is that school is SO incredibly exhausting!!! And - to use a metaphor - it feels a bit like I'm wearing a corset 24/7.. You know those oldfashioned thingies that women wold squeeze themselves into to make their waists look incredibly tiny and their boobs bulge out the top.. Well, yeah, appareantly you couldn't breathe in those, so thight were they.. I am having that feeling a lot currently! I wake up, got to school have classes and come home at set times every day, then when I'm home I need to make myself a schedule so that I'll get all my homework done and get some sleep, so that I won't sleep through my first period. It feels a bit like my day is portioned in tiny pieces and I always know which piece is coming up next.. Boring.
And in all this mess I might have forgotten to write something for you guys! Last weekend I went camping in Praia da Galé in the south of Portugal with a bunch of people from my year, to socialize and get to know eachother better. And also for CAS which is a stupid thing which we have to complete in order not to fail the stupid IB.. It means we have to do one-hundred-and-fricking-fifty hours of sports, creativity and community service.. Joy! In addition to all the stuff we do for school anyways!!! :'(
Well, yeah, went camping! Was actually a lot of fun even though we walked for three or four hours and I got a horrid sunburn on the back of my legs and neck.. -.- Hmpf. Not very enjoyable, especially as it is a self inficted injury. And people kept telling me that I had a sunburn... I just wanted to say: ''No f*cking way!?'' in a really sarcastic tone or ''You don't say!?'' and make a really shocked face.. But even though I was a bit annoyed I wanted to stay civil so I just said thanks and then walk away. But it was just an extension of being mad at myslef really..
We swam in a really nice pool and had a competition, in which I obviously didn't take part in seeing as I can only do breaststroke. And in the evening we cooked our food (noodels and pasta) and played some games 'Transfer-the-balloon-to-the-next-person-with-your-knees/neck' which was really hard and slighly awkward, but also funny, 'I-went-to-the-supermarket' and one game where we had to make our bodies into the objests our teachers told us to, which was also hilarious! Later we sat around the campfire drinking hot chocolate and telling stories and sh*t and then some played the guitar, and it was actually quite nice!
When we actually did go to sleep we were all so tired that we just slept with ot much problems and we already went home the next day.
''I'm not dead, B*tches! - A''
Me being me, I naturally took a book on the trip even though I didn't end up actually reading a lot of it during the stay.. It was the last of the PLL books, which is called Wanted and is written by the fantastic Sara Shepard. I can't actually remeber a lot of what actually happened in THIS book, since I read all of them in such a rush but it was really cool! In this book, Ali's twin sister Courtney turns up and befriends all of the girls after some time.. Aria is the most suspicious, but when she finds her boyfriend cheating on her she goes back to her old group of friends too. I didn't like this Courtney girl from the start because nothing ever really is what it seems in these books. And it turns out I was right once again! Courtney actually turns out to be Ali who was mistaken for Courtney by their parents and sent of to a mental hospital.
Wanted by Sara Shepard
So all goes well for a while, Spencer has a sister she actually likes, Emily's biggest crush since FOREVER is finally returning her feelings, Hanna is cool again after she was cast out by the populars just because she was sent to a mental hospital/spa-thingy and Aria has her friends back. But THEN, Ali-turned-Courtney tries to kill them all by burning down a house with all of them in it and admits that before they were all friends their parents sent off Ali to the clinic, so that the girls' Ali was actually Courtney, who then died in a hole, after real-Ali had killed her and pushed her into it. So in the end everything gets pretty complicated, but appareantly Ali-turned-Courtney-turned-Ali doesn't get out of the house fast enough and dies in the flames.. And the rest of the girls live happily ever after...
Unlikely, I think Ali is probably still alive and the epilogue also kinda said that.. And there are actually more books so there can't really be a happily-ever-after just yet.
Mwaw I've already killed my schedule for today so I should really stop talking now! All I'm saying is that I'm currently having a great time with lotsa hard work but there is also some nice stuff inbetween! Like the play we're reading for English, which is fairly modern, called The History Boys and really funny!

Time - Chase & Status ft. Delilah
Little Talks - Of Monsters And Men

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