Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A Lady In The Mountains

THEY F*CKING KILLED OFF SYBILL!!!!! CRUEL HUMANS, HOW COULD THEY DO THIS!???? I'm talking about the most recent episode of Downton Abbey.. Sybill was having her baby with a few complications and because of the bloody stupidity of her father who wouldn't listen to the right doctor, she then died. I was so hearbroken! Tom and Cora were crying so much in her last seconds, it was horrible. They did an absolutely amazing job with the filming though. I was so shocked, even though I knew it was going to happen from the beginning of the episode.
They said in a spoiler there was going to be a baby, a wedding and a death. I hated that the baby and the death were so closely connected. Tom was a bit annoying with his dreadfully radical views and all of that but he never deserved his wife to die! Mary said something along the lines of ''she was the best person in this house'', which I totally agree with. She was the sweetest person whom everyone cared about, and Downton is going to be way sadder without her!
Ok, now I've got that of off my chest I'mma tell you about ''The Amazing Adventures of Rosa'', which is a book that should come out really soon... It's essentially about my amazing time on Gold Premio in Gredos, Spain!!
It was sooooo much fun! And soooo much hard work but, now that I look back at it, it was SO worth every bit of light headedness after a really steep hill and every bit of cow muck I stepped in! And believe me there was a lot of both. We went there by bus, so imagine twenty teenagers on an eight hour bus road trip! Actually, it was only a bit of that and a LOT of discussing suicide, abortion and other stuff.. (ô.õ) Well yeah, see, we're not just regular teens, we're private-school-with-geniuses-and-agument-lovers kinda teens... Was fun I guess! Then we got there and had a lot of stuff to do after realizing our bags were packed a hundred times to heavy!
We actually walked for four days and an approximate sixty-five kilometers. UP AND DOWN MOUNTAINS at a hight of one-thousand-sixhundered-and-something. We live at see level. My lungs hurt. A lot. Well I can't remeber a lot of the walking except for the pain in my shoulders, back and feet, but it was a bloody lot! I obviously got blisters, but they weren't tooo bad! My darling friend Nesi had blisters with a diameter of, like, five centimeters. I'm not even kiding! The nights were a lot of fun when we were just chilling and cooking and taking reeeeally improvised showers, and massages. Can't forget those! I was soo happy when we finished the whole thing, and you have nooo clue how close we all got through the trip! So niiice! My mom thinks I have Stockholm Syndrom, because I've been complaining that I have nothing to do and that I wanna build a tent and that I want to go back; poor woman!! :D
All in all the trip really can be accurately summarized as: walking up gigantic piles of cow poo!!
We even made a song! It's based on The Llama Song. (Check it out!!) Here goes:

Happy cow, sad cow, totally rad cow!
Super cow, drama cow, big fat mama cow!
Sebi, Juan Fran, Teachers! (Instructors who were realllly nice!)

It's so beautiful!!!! :'( Poetry! Such artistry! I know, thank you, thank you!! You don't have to tell me how much you love it! I already know!
Now there's one probem 'though, I've missed a week of school. NOT COOL in the IB! NOT COOL! :S There's sooooo much stuff to catch up on!! Nooooooo! People are so mean! And here we're back to the beginning! It's a devils circle! You can never get out of it! First they kill off Sybill and then they give me waaaaay much homework!
One more thing I gotta say.. Gossip Girl premiered last week, yay! I watched the first episode but so far it's still pretty boring, I just like the Chuck-Translator-Dad storyline! Everything else is kinds boring! Blaire, blah, Serina, blah, Dan, blaaaahhhhhh! Whatever, we'll see how the season goes! 'Tis the last one after all! They better ake it good! Maybe they can even bring back Taylor Momsen??? Jenny was such a cool character! I loved her!!
Still got a bunch of stupid homeworks to do, so, I'mma leave you with thatt!!!

Songs on my fabulous iPod which recently went through the wach and didn't die:

Don't You Worry Child - Swedish House Mafia ft. John Martin
Not Giving In - Rudimental ft. John Newman, Alex Clare

PS.: Sorry I'm uploading late, internet was down yesterday :S

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