Wednesday, 24 October 2012

From The Upper Eastside to 90210, LA

Hey Guyyys,

I'm really sorry that I'm lagging with my posting again! I don't even have an excuse! I had actually no homework yesterday and just procrastinated.. :S I feel so guilty!
Two shows started again recentlyyy :) Gossip Girl and 90210 so now I've got even more shows to watch and even less time. Oh joy! I love them though so I'll take the hardship upon me gladly!
GG started really strangely, with Serena refusing to fit in with her friends again for the sake of her new boyfriend, who has a seventeen year old daughter, who is VERY much like Serena herself at that age, due to her rebelliousness and her horrid personality. Her name is Sage, and she's also dating Nate, which is really weird because he is an actual adult! Another thing, she's a proper little b*tch! She pretty much hates Serena for dating her dad, and has some really annoying parent-issues, and all she does is try to split them up, and generally cause havoc wherever she can, like at Blaire's first ever runway show, which is relaunching her mother's old brand, with Ms. Waldorf Jr. in charge. Blaire is forced by S, who is being blackmailed by sweet little Sage to let the latter walk B's runway show. But darling Sage ruins a) Blaire's future in fashion and relationship with her mother and b) Serena's relationship with a guy who seems actually genuinely nice and whom S really likes.
You may notice by the frequent use of sarcastic nicknames for Sage, that I currently really detest her. I mean Blaire is Queen Bee, bully and major b*tch, but she was still likable enough because she didn't destroy things for fun, she did it because it ''needed'' to be done. And I really don't approve of Serena's super-boring relationship with daddy but, but she really doesn't deserve to be treated like that our of spite. I really hope the girls reunite, teach the girl a little lesson and then become the Upper Eastside's queens again!
 I am also really annoyed at Nate because he just continues to date the little minx, even though he knows that she hates all his friends and is basicly destroying all he has.. And FFS boy, shes about five years younger than you, I mean she's still a teen.. I'm her age in February.. I find that rrreaally bad of him that he is just ignoring all the contra's. Actually I just realized that he seems to be constantly into the younger girls... Who here rememberes Jenny Humpfrey?
Chuck Bass is still trying to outfox his father.. It IS going to happen sometime 'cos that guy truly was a selfish bastard, ans that TO HIS OWN SON! How much more of an a*shole can you be? Danny-boy is also having problems with his Daddy. He is sleeping with Dan's ex - which Dan had to walk in on. He must be scarred for life, and ohmigod how inconsiderate from the Rufus! You DON'T sleep with your best friend's ex, YOU NEVER SLEEP WITH YOUR SON'S EX! Consequently Lonely Boy wrote about it for Nate's Spectator and now hes a hotshot whom everybody wants and is now writing for Vanity Fair, and is friends with Nelly Yuki. Also though this, he crashed his friendship with Nate into the Titanic. WHY IS ALL THE FRIENDSHIPS FALLING APART!? The only nice person right now is Dorota!
SO after all these messed up city people, we get to the more chilled and tanned LA crowd. 90210 is good again, during some point in last season I really started to not care about it as much anymore, but now it's got new and pretty shocking storylines!
Dix in a wheelchair, Liam back together with Vanessa, Naomi married and Silver having a baby, are all such absurd concepts. But I liiikkkeee, there's gonna be a lot of dramaaaa! The Dixon storyline is a bit annoying, I don't particularly like Adriana and his relationship very much and his constant whinging is making me sick.. I'm sorry it I'm being disrespectful, but people are concerned, and trying to help him and he's playing the victim and making everybody feel bad for pitying him at the same time... Attention wh*re. I like the other wheelchair guy, the one who's pretty much an a*s and with whom Annie has countless fights with. He is really nice actually and he really does know what will help Dixon for his recovery. I soooo hope him and Annie end up together.. I mean it was clear for me from the beginning. I'm putting my bets on them! I am also putting my bets on Naomi getting a divorce. Yes, she loves Max, sure, but it's very typical for her to get bored quickly! And also who really wants to marry at twenty? Another thing, she kissed Max best friend, I mean she was horrified about it afterwards but she kinda had the right to after that! I don't think that she's gonna make it!
I love, love, love the Silver-Baby-Teddy thing that's going on! I think it's so nice for her to have chosen Teddy to be her sperm donor because that means that he'll also be able to have a kid, even though he's gay, and he can raise his kid well and kinda take his revenge on his own parents in that way! And it also just shows how amazing their friendship is!
On to the next really absurd thing. Liam and Vanessa. She is a witch. She is a horrible, warts and all witch. She MADE him do anything she wanted through blackmail, basically told the world that they were engaged, and Liam is HATING it all the time! So then she falls of the balcony into the sea and is deeeaaaad and never to be seen again.. And Liam just doesn't even call the police, what a corrupt world we have come to! I was soooo worried that he'd have to go to jail! I don't want him to go away! He's hot! Well the hottest of them all!
A thing that I've noticed more and more over the last two seasons was that now everyone is friends! Before when they were all still at school, they were sooo hurtful to one another, and now they're all really nice and supportive of each other, and the best friends!
I'm reeeally, reaaally tired so I'll post this tomorrow only OK? I'm sooo sorry!

Ps.: I'm sorry for the excesive amount of swearing in this post! As you can see, I have a lot of feels!

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