Monday, 1 October 2012

Amy's Last Goodbye

First of all I want to say thank you so, so, so, so much for all you people who read about my boring life and what I do and don't like, last month I got over six-hundred views in total which is double what I got in any other month before that. Thank you so much! I'll try to keep doing what I am doing now and create content that is atleast somewhat interesting to you guys!
So, who watched the last episode of the Ponds last night... You're right, I did, and I cried through out the end. Ohmigod. I hadn't even noticed how much I started to like Amy and Rory. As you all know, Rose Tyler is my favourite companion ever, and her leaving was the only time I cried before in Doctor Who. But with her and all the other companions their leaving was built up for a few episodes and the Ponds were just ripped out of the story really, really suddenly, I mean I knew it was coming, but I still wasn't prepared! It was an amazing episode after a few ones which I didn't like as much, but this one was perfection! Thank you Steven Moffat, for giving these amazing characters such a good last page to their story.
The episode's bad guys were the Weeping Angels which, for me, are the most terrifying DW monsters ever. Worse than the fricking Daleks or Cybermen. This is because, they give you reason to be affraid of the dark and scare you of statues, which are often pretty creepy anyways. Worst thing, you can't NOT BLINK forever!
Well it started off with a pretty little picknick but nothing ever goes smoothly with the Doctor so Rory goes to get coffee and ends up zapped back in time by a creepy baby angel and ends up in the book which Amy and the Doctor are reading in the present, so they know that something's wrong... In the past Rory meets River, who manages to get the Tardis to find their location, but by the time Amy and the Doc are there Rory's been zapped again. So they go find him and it's a weird kind of appartment building where there are more angels. Rory walks around in the building and finds a room called ''Williams, R.'' so he goes in and there he sees himself dying of old age. Amy, the Doctor and River find him, and Amy figures she and Rory have to flee to prevent that from happening. So they run to the roof where they're surprised by a giant Statue of Liberty Angel and in order to create a paradox, Rory decides to kill himself so that he can't die of old age and kill the angels.
Amy doesn't want to let him jump alone, she'd rather die with him than live alone in the present. Then they fall of the side of the roof and that was when I started crying. It was just so painful to see what Amy would do for Rory. They always say Rory loves her more, but I don't really know. I felt so sorry for the Doctor too, because he saw his best friends die that moment.
THE FEELS!!!!! ^^Explains it all!
But everything goes well and nobody dies and they all go back to the present. Just when they are about to leave, Rory sees his own gravestone in a cemetry and there is an Angel that surbived and he is so surprised to see it that he blinks. The Doctor can't cross his own timeline, so he can't go and save him. So then theres an absolutely heartbreaking scene in which Amy decides to go too, and the Doctor doesn't understand what's happening, (because in Galafreyan years he is only about twelve years old, really) River calls Amy ''mother'' for the first and only time and shows that she has gained respect for her and really does love her and is really sad to see her mother die. Amy tells her daughter to ''Melody, take good care of him, and be a good girl!'' and then thakes Rivers hand for support and blinks. The doctor breaks down and River again has to comfort him, as Amy's name is also written in stone. I can't imagine the strength of River. She obviously did live her parents even though they were a bit estranged to her and having to calm down the Doctor who looked much more like the child in the situation must not have been easy for her, I am so happy they are together. They both have enough hurt for ten people at least, but they can just rely on eachother.
Ruggedy Man,... Goodbye!
The episode ends whith the doctor reading the last page of the book detective novel which started the whole mess, it turns out to be written by Amy in the past. She also left an epilogue in which she tells the Doctor that she and Rory will never forget him and that they lived happily together for the rest of their lives. It brings the doctor a bit of comfort, but made me cry so much more again. It's really sad how much the doctor loves each of his companions (and they him) and how much of a little boy he still is really. And how they can never end happily ever after. :'(
The last thing is, River tells him not to travel alone.
We know that he won't because his new companion is Oswin, the Dalek-girl, from the first episode. It must have been overcrossing timelines again. Her past and his future, I really liked her, and am happy to see her again at Christmas.
Another thing that I realised the other day. Torchwood's Gwen would be a freaking amazing companion, I would reeeaaally want to see the Torchwood team on DW. Gwen's Welsh spirit would be very funny to have with the Doctor. And I want to see the Doc reunited with Jack, those two together are absolutely brilliant.
Talking about Welsh spirit, I've just watched the first episode of Mtv's new show The Valleys. It's basicly another version of Geordie Shore but I don't know if I will like it as much. The cast is I don't know, I immediately liked Carley, she reminds me a lot of GS's Viccy and is quite funny. I don't like the way the girls basicly all hate eachother, and are complete b*tches. From the guys I like all of them because they're all quite funny through their vanity, especially Chidgey, Leeroy's rapping is also hilarious and I like Aron, he's funny and he's a three times world champion kick-boxer.... Not bad.. But yeah, his t-shirts have more cleavage than any of mine, so he seems like another shallow little twit. Doesn't mean I won't watch them for my entertainment. And then there's Liam. He's gay. I found it quite nice of him to come out immediately so that he won't have misunderstandings, but the girl's reaction was gross. They were immediately all over him saying: ''Ohhh, I love gays and gays love me!'' and shtuff like that. I just thought poor guy, seriously, first everyone thinks he's weird and then u've got four girls hanging off ya, just cos you're gay, especially 'cos they didn't show any interest at all in him before they heard that. So yeah, I pretty much hated their reaction, and I think he probs did too.
It seems like a funny show so I will keep watching it, as long as GS is out!
I also got my first test back today... Maths SL... Not good.. I got eight out of thirty... That is precicely 27%. Yay. I must admit I didn't really study for this, but the topic is called presumed knowledge so, I guess I SHOULD have been able to do it... :S iuqwlbfv :(
Yh, I guess I have to study more...
Oh and by the way, I let my iPod go though the wash. Noooooo!!! My BABY! It's dead!
And on that note I will leave you.

Ps.: Just watched Amy's last goodbye again and I'm bawling like a newborn all over again. Horrible.

In memory of my beloved iPod:
Oliver Twist - D'banj (I just rediscovered this yesterday!!! YAAYYYY! Love when this happens!)


  1. I totally agree with what you said about River saying goodbye. And that graphic is correct: the most moving part is that goodbye.

    FYI though: "River calls Amy 'mother' for the first and only time" That's not true. River started calling her Mother in Let's Kill Hitler. In fact, from the moment they know who she is, se doesn't call them Amy and Rory anymore (except to someone else). She calls them Mother and Dad.

    1. Thanks for the info :) I hadn't realized that!