Monday, 12 November 2012

Love Stories Are Sad

My bestie, Nesi, made me watch a film called KiDULTHOOD the other day and I think I need to talk about it. It's about a day in a bunch of kids lives in West London, actually when I say kids I mean fifteen year olds but I still think that that's pretty young for the themes in the film. It's British film, written by Noel Clark who is the actor that also played Rose Tyler's boyfriend in Doctor Who all those seasons ago!
Well, the film came out in 2006, but it's still an amazing film which could just as well be brand new. The film starts with bullying in school resulting in the suicide of one girl, which gives the students a day off, which is the actual span of the film. So through this you got to know the main antagonist of the film, Sam Peel (Noel Clark), as well as Alisa, Trevor ''Trife'', and their friends. On their day off the guys steel and drink and get high, and decide to go visit Sam to get back Trife's game boy, they end up messing up his room, steeling his weed and having sex with his girlfriend. Sam comes back and to escape the boys beat him up and run.
Sam ( Noel Clark)
At the same time, the girls, Alisa and Becky, find out that Alisa is pregnant (with Trife's baby), but shop for a party, drink and do drugs anyways. What shocked me was that for this stuff, Becky payed with sex. These are fifteen year old girls. I hadn't even kissed a guy yet at age fifteen. I was so shocked!
Later Trife has to go meet up with his ''Bad Man'' uncle Curtis, who welcomes him to the ''family'' after handing over a working gun that he made. And as a kind of ritual he has to carve a ''C'' into a guys face with a knife. It is the most gruesome scene I have seen recently. I felt sick afterwards. And again I need to say, this boy is fifteen, even though he acts so much more maturely than that. And I just wanted to hug him and hold him, and all my maternal feels came to the surface. He  musta have been scared for life. He did break down crying after he ran away, I felt so horrible.
All the people meet again at the party and Trife and Alisa get together again and he tells her that he's going to be there for her and the baby, and it's such a sweet scene, it's way too perfect tho. Sam comes up behind him and starts beating Trife up as revenge. Alisa goes to get help but when she gets back Sam smashes in Trife's scull with a baseball bat.
The violence and the pain seem really real in the film, the film in general feels really real and raw and it's really hard to go to sleep after watching it. It's so upsetting!  The stuff these kids go through at that age is crazy, and I can totally believe that that is how it is in real life. The characters are really relatable even though they are completely different from anything and anyone I've ever met. It's just because they're teens I guess and I feel so sorry for them.
The film is also really good because it highlights things like bullying, suicide, teen pregnancy, drinking, drugs, violence, criminality and the consequences. It's a really important message that is good for all teens to hear and I guess the film is kind of inspirational for some of the people that might actually be in situations similar to those.
The film is very, very good and I recommend it to anyone because it is serious and deep but comedic at the same time. For me the language and the degree of chavyness displayed, definitely cracked me up sometimes. Safe Blud?
There is a sequel called AdULTHOOD which is also very good but not quite the same because it isn't as relatable due to the fact that it plays six years later and its not as funny. It is still a good film to watch afterwards and I like the way Sam Peel's character growth is portrayed.

InĂªs, normally a non-cryier - contrasting with my definitely very blubbery ways, also advised me to watch One Day. Having earned a great amount of respect for her due to her previous stellar recommendation, I also watched this film. Again, deeply sad but very sweet. The relationship between Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Dexter (Jim Sturgess ;P) is so sweet and relatable!! Their friendship is sooo unexpected since she is so weird in contrast to his incredible self confidence (It's kinda ironic he has a tattoo of the ying-yang symbol on his ankle huh?) but really heartwarming because you can totally understand the crush she has on him. I mean who hasn't been in the ''friendzone'' at least once in your life? Worse.. You have a serious crush on one of your best friends.. :S I can very much relate...
Well, the story starts the day of their graduation and follows them for over twenty years every year that day. This format is really interesting because at some points it doesn't have to seem like a very special day; like in real life, a year which was really special one year, can be very insignificant the next.. The film follows their friendship and their lives, how they go though ups and downs and they never seem to have compatible lives really. It's like they want to be together but as soon as one is single the next one is married and having a baby..
Em and Dex <3
Finally they DO get together and it's such a happy moment, the viewer can feel really happy for them because of the over ten years of struggle to get there. And then Emma dies. Emma dies, and it's not fair. She dies and I cried and cried and cried. They were so happy! And I felt so sorry for Dex! She was his everything. And it wasn't fair to him. I really couldn't understand how he dealt with that. I guess he just had to... But then I stopped crying because I thought, in the short time that they had, they were SO happy! Like nothing could be bad. And they really didn't have the two years that they were officially together, they had like twenty years together. That's definitely more than many couples have these days. And then I thought one more thing before I went to sleep: it's wrong to thing that we do or don't deserve our lives. It's the other way around. Our lives deserve us.

And on that very deep note, I will leave you for another weeekkkkk!!

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