Friday, 2 November 2012


So I am currently in my hafterm holidays! Yay-yay-yay! And what better to do than nothing much.. Lol, I guess a lot of things.. My bestie Laura came back from the UK and we went to watch the new Bond film together on the premiere day here! Skyfall really is a good film! I hadn't actually watched many Bonds beforehand, I'd seen Quantum of Solace but I couldn't remember a lot of it and I didn't like it a lot, so I was really impressed with this one!!
It was about a computer hacker, Silva, who was actually hacking MI6 and destroying them from the inside. So Bond goes and kills someone and finds a hot girl who turns out to be controlled by this guy through fear of him. Bond, womanizer as he is obviously sleeps with her and she brings him to the guy. The hacker turns out to look ''like a gay Voldemort'' according to Laura and was an MI6 agent, the former Bond-caliber agent even, until M betrayed him apparently. And then comes my favourite scene, in an attempt to scare Bond, he hits on him and suggests to you-know-what, Bond just responds ''well maybe it isn't my first time'' or something like that and basically encourages him, and scares Voldemort through reverse psychology. I laughed so much at that scene, it was just too funny seeing Bond flirt with Silva!! I think Bond is one of the type of people who would flirt with a stone :D Naw! Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem (Silva) did a brilliant acting job! Well then Bond alerts his people with a radio and returns to the MI6 headquarters with Silva in tow.
There Silva finally reveals what happened to him, he survived taking hydrogen cyanide which made his bone structure corrode or something because he takes out his prosthetic and he's missing a cheekbone and his entire face has gone ''droopy''. God such a gross image. Nesi had to hide her eyes because she was so grossed! Well when everyone thinks all is good, Silva breaks free and there is a chase through half of London. Bond realises he wants to take his revenge on M and stops him from killing her and drives him away.
He escapes to his birth estate ''Skyfall Lodge'' with M, using her as bait because he knows Silva will follow, and he installs various boobie-traps and arms himself, M and the old groundskeeper, Kincade, who he find there, while waiting for Silva to find him.
When Silva does come he arrives with a f*cking ARMY! So many people, but no problem for Bondsy & Co. :D Just a few bullets and a helicopter later the two old people abandon house and escape to a chapel while Bondsy and Voldy fight, finally in the last scene Bond rescues M from Silva by throwing a knife into his back, thus killing him. Such a shame though that M was already badly injured and dies in Bond's arms anyways.
The scene was actually really sad! I've seen all the 007 films since Pierce Brosnan and M and Bond never were very good friends, but in the last film she does kind of assume a bit of a maternal figure towards Bond, who was a orphan. So yeas it was really sad to see her go, also because Judi Dench is just a terrific actress, (I mean, she earned herself a ''Dame'' for it!!) and I've never seen a film with another M, it's gonna be weird!
One thing I was thinking afterwards was that, ohmigod, Daniel Craig has an amazing body for a over forty year old man. And then I felt guilty for perving on a guy who is nearly the same age as my mom! :O Still, holy crap his arms are nice! AND his back.. Not so much his stomach, cos he hasn't actually got a six-pack but his arms and back o.O Heheh..
I was also comparing Daniel Craig to Pierce Brosnan. I mean it's almost impossible to because they do represent such different times, like in Brosnan times the ''high-tech'' computers were still massive square boxes! Craig is a much more sleek and modern version of Bond, which is much more suiting of this time. It's like changing from a Nokia to an iPhone. Personally I prefer Daniel Craig because when he says ''she means nothing to me'' I am much more likely to believe it. Brosnan just wasn't hard and armoured enough, if you know what I mean... They have a brilliant explanation for that though. God, that girl he loved who betrayed him in Casino Royale, it nearly broke my heart to see how much he changed afterwards. Stupid woman. Again brilliant piece of acting though.
One thing that is a curse with being Bond is though, that you'll never get any other good roles. I guess you won't need the money but, you'll be bond forever!! Never will you ever e seen as anything else and consequently, you won't get any more acting jobs.. It's sad but true. I am quite curious to seeing if Craig can actually play a completely different character!
Ok, this post has been veeeryyyy 007. So much Bond. Hehe, I guess it was just on my mind!
Imma leave you with his and apologize again for my despicable tardiness. (Heheh, that was such a brilliant sentence! I'm so proud! Do you know the feeling? ;D)

Soooo, byeeee people, I hope you had a brilliant Halloween!!

Soundtrack to my life:
Something Good - Alt-J (Not so new, but still good!!)
Skyfall - Adele (Now where did that come from? Hehe..)

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