Monday, 5 November 2012

The Product of Procrastiantion

Time to get back to my usual posting schedule guys!! Holidays are over and the stress starts again! Fuuuunnnn!... That was sarcasm by the way!
So, November has come and men all over the world are growing mustaches... Hehe, this will be funny! I'm especially looking forward to the endresult of Sam Pepper, who looks like he can't grow much more than a few millimetres of peach fuzz! The worst thing is that he will actually have to walk around like that for the entire month! God, he'll be happy when December comes!
So in a last ditch effort in procrastination I watched Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief last weekend. I had heard that it was a good book series and wanted to make my mind up before actually buying it. I mean I always like Greek mythology, I think it's really interesting and it also helps that Logan Lerman is so goddamn cute! So yes I am going to read the books, I've already bought the first three so now there's no way back. The problem with these reeeeally long book series, is that if you're not completely obsessed with if you'll get really bored eventually, kinda like what's happening to me with the Pretty Little Liars books. I'm currently on Twisted or something like that, and I cannot get myself to keep reading! It's shameful I know! As a self pronounced bookworm something like that shouldn't happen and I especially shouldn't read any other books while I've still got that one. I feel guilty, I think I've already explained this concept to you!
Well, the film was not as good as I had hoped it would be, I guess I have watched so many teen romcoms that they are also getting a bit repetitive! I still liked it nonetheless.. It's about a boy who suddenly finds out that he is a demigod, son of Poseidon, and that he is suspected of stealing Zeus' thunderbolt. So he gets thrown into this weird mythological world and has to deal with some pretty weird stuff. He has to return the lightning bolt within fourteen days of the gods will wage war.. Something that must be prevented, so his mother sends him to half-blood camp which is a place where demigods are trained to deal with their specialness.. He immediately makes friends, he's pretty popular because he's the son of one of the ''big three'', Athena's daughter, Annabeth, and a satyr (half goat, like a centaur but a goat) named Grover and Hermes' son Luke (Jake Abel). He decides to go looking for Hades who has kidnapped his mother in am attempt to make him give up the lightning bolt, which he doesn't actually have.. So Percy, Grover and Annabeth set out on a quest and defeat Medusa (Uma Thurman), some weird many headed dragon thing and the Lotus Eaters. And then they get to Hades and he's not actually that scary, turns out though that Luke was a stupid tw*t and put the lightning bold in the shield he gave Percy in order to get Hades to over trow the other gods.
But they get out of ''hell'' with the bolt and bring it to Mount Olympe, and war is prevented yaaaayyyyy!! And in the end Annabeth and Percy nearly kiss, it was predictable really.. Her being the only girl on the mission,...
It was an good film, but not a great one and not one I will be likely to watch again, doesn't mean I'm not going to see the sequel which is coming out in, like, a year or something. I like the way they included the gods and the mythical creatures into the modern world and one really cool effect was that they made the god be giants, in contrast to the normal people, even  their children. I liked that. And I mean Logan Lerman, right? :D Pretty boy!!
I also watched Knocked Up, Role Models and Funny People. Now you know the full extent of my laziness :S Heheh.. All three films being traditional comedies I only really liked one of them. Role Models was actually a really sweet film! I like Paul Rudd (Danny) and I LOVE Seann William Scott (Wheeler)! Its about two friends who have to od community service in order to escape jail and they get paired up with kids to be a big-brother to them. Danny's ''little'', Augie, is actually a teenager who is obsessed with medieval live-action role playing games and Wheeler's is a foul mouthed little guy called Ronnie. They both connect to their littles really sweetly and due to being able to somehow identify themselves with each other. Wheeler and Ronnie bond over their obsession with breasts and Danny finds that he can understand Augie's loner-like ways, as his girlfriend recently broke up with him and he feels like he has no friends. I really liked this film, all though I'd put off watching it for a really long time. It also stares Jane Lynch as the leader of the program, and she, as always, gives a hilarious performance.
Knocked Up was my second favourite, I always like Katherine Heigl (Alison) and I found Seth Rogen's character, Ben, really sweet, especially his willingness to take responsibility and trying to make it work. The supporting characters are also very well cast. His friends, Jonah Hill, Jason Segel and Jay Baruchel are also funny, in a guy-humor way that I generally like! They represent his bachelor life that is a very big part of his personality.. Alison's friends are on the other hand very different, they represent the perfect happy family, that lives in a nice house and has a nice car. This is the background that Alison comes from and expected to stay in. So their relationship kind of is in a noman's land of social standing. The support of their family and friends is so sweet and a scene at the end during the birth made me laugh a lot!
Seth Rogen also stars in Funny People as Ira Wright the personal assistant and opening act of comedian George Simmons (Adam Sandler). George found out that he has a form of leukemia and will most probably die and searches for a friend. The building of their friendship and the first half of the film is even quite nice but then it turns out that George survives, he hooks up with his ''One That Got Away'' again and ruins her marriage and his friendship with Ira in the process. The film drags on and becomes hard to follow, unfunny and boring in the second half and is much too long with two hours and twenty minutes. The trailer made it look funnier than it actually was. I will definitely not watch it again.
So that was that and now I won't have as much time to do nothing again.. Mwaaaw, I already miss being lazy all day!
One more thing: THANK YOU SO MUCH for over SEVEN HUNDRED VIEWS last month!!! This is incredible and completely crazy!! I hope you will keep reading my rants and I will try to make them a bit entertaining!
Byeeeee.... (Hehe, I'm turning into Marcus Butler! :D)

Ps.: I LOVE FINN HARRIES SO MUCH! <3 <3 <3 He is so beautiful, I dreamt about him... :S Not in a sexual way....!

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