Monday, 21 November 2011

Breaking Spines

Anorexia, breaking spines, cutting up people with scalpels and stabbing people in the heart with GIANT needles. This is Breaking Dawn. I saw the movie on Saturday, the day after it premiered. I was really surprides that FOR ONCE the film came out at the same time in Portugal as everywhere else in the world. In my last post I said I was only going to watch this movie out of feeling obliged now that I had already seen the other 3. Turned out I'm really happy I went! It is the absolute best film of the series yet. They finally did something right; I mean they did have some stupid lines eg.

''I played around with our mother's names RenĂ©e and Esme'' 
''So, what is it?'' 

But otherwise, thumbs up! I would have loved to have seen a little more Rosalie-Jacob action, like in the book where she brings him his food in a dog bole etc. I thought that was so funny. I thought it was really good the way Rosalie was portrayed especially in the end of the film where she seems ok with the fact that Bella might die, as long as she get's ''her'' baby. And I was really surprised about how absolutely georgeous the new born Renesmee is. Oh and also the flash we got from her future, I thik they chose the actress really well! She is beautiful. The way Bella looked when she was ill/pregnant was also really good, I would have never imagined it to be so real. I was surprised by Jasper because he was so friendly an sociable all of a sudden.... And also: I LOVE SETH!!!
And then the birth scene. I guess it was really well done, but the thing I can remember best about the whole scene was that from when her spine broke on I felt really, really sick. I was SO scared of throwing up in the cinema. Seriously, I had to close my eyes and keep sipping on my ice cold drink in order to restore myself. I guess you could say I have a weak stomach, which is the reason for me not watch horror films. I really don't get why people like them, action films give you the same abount of adrenaline but they are never so terrifying that you get nightmares. (I didn't actually get nightmares!) So all in all I guess its the best film of the series, but also the most gross film I have watched in my life. Nonetheless, I loved it.
Oh yeah, I forgot to say that my friend Laura, who was with me, is now constantly making fun of me. I just DON'T like ''broken'' humans. I did this test in school, to find out what I should do as a job later on etc. It suggested sugery doctor. I guess thats not happening anymore. :)
My dear friend also makes fun of me because I still like that one boy, (it's been reaally long :/) I have become much better at behaving normally around him and we're friends and all, but I still go red sometimes. And today, in Art, Laura steals my iPod (Yay, I'm actually using it now!!), plays Crush On You by Nero and tells him that he should listen to this song bacause it was a message from me. NOOOOOO!!! My life is officially over. Out of embarrasment. I talked the earth into swallowing me up whole.
This and another event, in the same lesson, involving me swearing at my iPod and the teacher listening, are now overshadowing the rest of the day. A Chem test and a PE lesson...
These will be the last words you will hear from me. Goodbye people-who-don't-actually-read-this.

And as a tribute to the most embarrassing day in HISTORY:
(But also cuz I do actually like the song)
Song of the Day: Crush On You by Nero


  1. I'll be going to see this soon (also because I feel obliged to since I've watched the other three) so it's good to know that it won't be a complete waste of my time. :)

    Aw, that does sound embarrassing but cute at the same time! Maybe he'll get the 'message' and ask you out? :)

  2. Thnks for the support but I'd be majorly embarrassed if he actually read this... (which he did a few months back, and when he said something about it, I thought my head was going to burst any second)
    Hope you have fun watching BD!

  3. Wooow I loved it! You should continue writing this stuff <3