Monday, 14 November 2011

Not 25 Yet!

Time is money.... Literally! In the new movie In Time the rich are immortal and the poor die young. The movie stars Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried and Alex Pettyfer (YAY), and a few other people, none of whom are important enough for me to know. Alex plays a badguy, and I must say it actually suits him quite well! Even if I am supposed to hate him, I can't, because who can hate someone with a gorgeous face like his? The concept is that every person gets to live till age of 25 and then stops ageing, but they only get one more year to live and their 'clock' (see picture) gets activated. In order to live longer you need to work, and instead of money you get more time, depending on how good your job is. You can capsule time and put it in a bank but none of the poor people can do that because they have so little time anyway! And you can be robed of your time. That is what Will Salas (J. Timberlake) does, he prevents a rich guy from being robbed, the latter tells him about the bad points about being able to live forever, and he ends up giving will all of his time, he 'times himself out'. The Police think he got the time illigaly and chase him down, In the end he ends up kidnapping Sylvia (Amanda), a rich guys daughter, in order not to get shot by bounty hunters. In the end the two end up falling in love and they lose their time to ALEX, and then they decide to rob her father and give all his time to the poor people, because her father has several millions worth of years.
I really liked this film, I think the concept is horrible and I hope that nothing like that ever actually happens. I think it's really scary. Because at the moment being poor doesn't mean being dead, it doesn't even mean that you're nessesarily unhappy all the time. And If you are one of the few rich people, living forever must get boring at some point! I mean at one stage you've tried out everything there is to life and then you should be able to die, in my oppinion!
Thats all for now, I already made a date to see Breaking Dawn next weekend, and I'm really interested in how that's gonna turn out, because till now I really haven't loved any of the movies very much and the trailers don't look too great! I love the books tho, so I think there is hope that they're gonna get it right this time.
Bye, XX

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