Tuesday, 1 November 2011

What the Hell Man?

I finished the HG's. Nooooooooo! I mean, I loved the books and the ending, except for the part where the kill of Prim!! I blaming it completely on Gale! I REALLY don't like how he turns out in the end! He becomes really frustrating.... I guess it's justifiable if you say, he becomes that way because he can feel that Katniss is slipping more and more in direction Peeta. I always wanted her to finally realise that she was in love with him because she was from a really early point in the books. SO, I get Gale being all frustrated, but when he engages in making new war weapons, it's like, ''what the hell man? When did you become a mass murderer?''... I'm still really disappointed in him! I think Peeta deserves her, but if Gale really loved her he shoulda have tried a little harder... 'Cause she does always say, how much she need him by her side and so on...
Now I am trying to order Forever by Maggie Stiefvater which is the third book in the Wolves of Mercy Falls Trilogy any I hope I'm going to like it as much as I did the first two.... I loved the 1st one, because it had a relatively happy ending and the second one I liked and disliked, because I don't like at all what happens to Grace. I want her to stay alive and whole and human! Yes, thats me, always looking for ''happily ever afters''... That's why I like action and romantic comedies best, in the spectrum of movie genres... Acutally I think they're pretty similar, just a little more fighting and stuff, but they allways end well! YAYY!!
My most recent cinema aquaintance is Abduction, which I absolutely loved. NOT because of Taylor Lauter, who reminds me SOOOO MUCH of some one I know,... I'm really surprised I never noticed the resemblance between the two ;) If you ask any of my friends who go to the cinema with me, they will tell you how hard I find it to surpress my emotions while watching a film, I always have to comment on something and I laugh when the whole of the cinema is deadly quiet.... My friends ''love'' me for it, it's SOO embarrassing OMG :P

Wellll this time around I got a huge fright at some point, and my leg started cramping really badly!! And everyone was really fixated on the screen and I was just trying to figure out how to get rid of the horrible pain in my fricking right leg, in the end I had to stan up, in the midle of the cinema and everyone was really annoyed at me... nothing new that.... OK, soo Abduction is amazing and I especially loved the ''popcorn'' you know what I mean :P
Nothing else to talk about, just, OH YEAH: I'VE GOT HOLIDAYS!! WHOOP!!
So maybe I will have some time now between watching a LOT of Strictly Come Dancing! Maybe I will make the next post about another new movie I just watched What's Your Number? so funny, and, of course a romantic comedy! YAY!

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