Monday, 30 July 2012

Let The 116th Olympic Games Begin!!

The Olympic Rings rained down gold!
I hope you caught the Hunger Games reference there! So, the London Olympics are finally here and I'm watching as much as I possibly can online! Well, except for the opening ceremonies I saw those on a real life TV 'cos they were amazing! I was pretty impressed in Beijing 4 years ago but these were SO much cooler! I guess it's 'cos the world is generally more aware of Britain in comparison to China and people know more of the British pop-culture, so more people can enjoy appearences by Mr Bean, Mary Poppins and J. K. Rowling.
Since then the events have started and there are so many of them they run about TWENTY of them simultaneously, ohmifreakinggod! I am primarily watiching, and very much enjoying, the swimming, artistic gymnastics and equestrian, and have been fairly surprised on occasion. It started with Michael Phelps losing out on ANY medal in the 400-meter medley and THEN only getting second after FRANCE in the relay! What's UP with him!??? (But I must say he swam a good race in that one, wasn't his fault they lost!)
Fifteen year old Ruta after her gold medal win.
Then it continued with young swimmers, and I mean REALLY young, as in 15, 16, 17 years old young, winning gold medals in the pool! Including Ruta Meilutyte (Lithuania) and Missy Franklin (USA). WOW! I have a few questions A) Are you sure there aren't some new doping stimulants in Justin Bieber songs? Would explain why they only thake their headphones off the second before they step onto the block.. B) Why do these young ateletes not turn into zombies? Regular 5AM's for swim practice + school work + more swim training + eating healthily and sleeping enough does not seem to leave any time for any kind of fun. These teens don't seem to have normal friends or hobbies outside of swimming. How do they survive!?
Tom Daley, cute isn't he?? ;)
Tom Daley also ruined his chance for a medal in syncronized diving with one bad dive.. NO! I liked him! :'( But thankfully he can still compete for gold in the individual competition. He was also only fourteen at his first Olympics.... He won gold.. TWICE... What else d'you expect!?
No gold medals for the Brits yet, but just now they got a bronze for the men's team artistic gymnatics! YAY! And it was so sweet to see how happy they were for it! It's the first olympic medal in that disciplin in a hundred years after all! And finally, watching the horsie's crosscountry was also fun! I particularily enjoyed this event because both BR and GER are very stong teams wich are contesting for medals. I am cheering for both, WELL, Germany a bit more probably since I've actually grown up there, but I hope both teams win a medal! :D
I am paciently waiting for my next bunch of books to arrive soon as possible! I want to get reading: The paperback version of PLL! Well, I've already read the first but the events are pretty much the same as in the series,.. except for in a lot more detail. And about all the characters appearances are different. Which is completely fine by me, but I still preffer TV Aria, Spence, Em and Hannah!
Silvered and defenceless Jess
On True Blood tonight the vamps have sobered up but they still believe in what they saw while being ''f*cking high as a kite'' in the words of Eric Northman. Nora is starting to really annoy me, because shebrought Eric to tears on the subject of their maker, Godrick. Ungrateful, treacherous piece of vamp undeserving of sharing Erics blood thats what she is. Alcide was bumped then dumped by Rikki, really pretty were who is not to be trusted, before and after steping down from the pack master contest. Luna is shifing into humans again and this time into Sam, leading him to have an incredibly weird romantic scene with himself. Sookie has another big bad vamp after her blood called Worlow...... Must be Thursday! Is it an alias for another vamp on the show??? And Jess was tricked and trapped by the hate group as a present for Hoyt. Who was supposed to shoot her in the head. But c'mon it's Hoyt; he doesn't manage to do it and ends up helping her escape, or trying to, as when he encounters a friendly face comes face to face with a gun barrel himself. Ooops :/ And after Lafayette escaped from Jesus' crazy-as-sh*t uncle, he managed to contact the spirit of the woman that Terry killed.. She said she'd only stop the ifrit-fire-monter-thingy if either Patrick or Terry die. Sh*t. Terry dying would kill me 'cos he's just so lovable and Terry killing Patrick would surely rob him of what little of his mental health is still intact.
Again an early Tuesday moring post... well in the states it's still yesterday so I'm getting away with it. But I really shouldn't make it into a habit. :/
Going to bed now so tht I can watch the Olympis tomorrow morning. Night. XX.

Songs I'm Singing:
Nina, Pretty Ballerina - ABBA (What can I say.... Love ABBA... :)

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