Monday, 9 July 2012

The Fascinating Case Of The Hazelnut Spy Vampire

My newfound love for hazelnut ice cream is deffinightly starting to go in the wrong direction. Direction Obsession. This always happens to me when I first start loving something... Remember what happened with Bill and Adam and Alex Pettyfer (wellll, I'm still not over him and the fact that I HAVEN'T watched  Magic Mike yet)?? Well yeah, summer is a time of frequent ice cream eating and I find myself looking for hazelnut flavour first thing when I order.... I don't think I ever liked any flavour quite as much as hazenut though... Not even after-eight...
My books have finally arrived at home and I think I'm starting to restart trusting amazon... Thing is, I've now already read two of the three books that I have been waiting for online.... AND the follow up book.. Ooopsy Daisy!! This might mean that I really liked the books though.. Which might also be the explanation for the deep, dark rings around my eyes which come from severe lack of sleep. The books I've been talking about are the Gallagher Girls books by Ally Carter. I know the theme and topic is quite immature and might be more appropriate for a tween than a fully proper teen but every girl needs a good piece of a hoplessly romantic and impossible but awsome story to keep her going sometimes. Sometimes Chicklit and flicks are just the best thing in the world... With me this is quite constantly....
The books are about a spy-in-training called Cammie 'The Chameleon' and she is a pavement artist who always gets herself into trouble with her best friends. And boys. There's always a boy which makes everything more scrambled up and confusing. First Josh who is actually a completely normal, but cute, guy whom she starts secretly and covertly dating, but the whole thing doesn't work out well because he finds out that she was lying about most things and what being a Gallagher Girl really means. Then there is Zach - whom I love - his badass spy skills, dark hair and gorgeous body are the things that Cammie finds obviously attractive, and I think he likes her a lot too. This is shown by the way he always turns up in the end when things are getting serious. And he kissed her once...Well yeah...
The spy part of the book is also pretty cool, Carter did a really good job because secretly every girl wants to be a BAMF like the ones in the book, because Cam and Bex and Macey and Liz are just so incredibly cool for their flipping skills and incrdible brains!! The spy life is quite realisticly represented which makes it possible for the reader to still hope that it might be real on some level. Wishful thinking etc.. :)
I'm really tired so I'm not going to talk about True Blood for very long. I loved this week:
- Tara and Jess getting together and hanging out, a needs a friend her own age, I think it must have been hard for Jess to stay away so long anyways.
- Sookie's quote: ''A big old vampire is coming after me.... MUST BE THURSDAY!''
- Sook puking un Alcide's shoes when they were narly having sex and Eric's consecutive observation that Alcide ''really know[s] how to treat a lady''.

Yeah, those were the best bits. I must say though, I'm actually quite happy that Alcide and Sook didn't get to actually do it, 'cos I always wanted them to be together, not just hook up... And if they'd slept together it'd have been weird between them for the rest of the season. This way they found out that they liked kissing eachother (hopefully!?) and they mught (hopefully!?) get together for real... FINALLY!????? We can hope.
And just one thing. I still thing Russell is deeply creepy/scary even in a hospital be with his bloody flesh exposed.
Tomorrow I've got to go to the dentist. Joy. Sooooo.... Wish me luck?? *battering lashes*
Nigggghttttt, XXX


Rack City - Tyga (Reidiculous Remix)
Cinema/Desperate Youth - Skrillex ft. Santigold (Mashup & Accapella by Mike Tomkins)

Must be Thursday!!

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