Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Losing Stuff And Growing Up

I recently started to feel like a full on retard after losing my phone, purse and PASSPORT all in ONE day and I can't find any of them. And I'm  needing to go home soon. As in 2 days soon. Well I've got my new pictures for my temporary passport and they are horrible. I look like I'm about 19, which is scary. I DON'T WANNA GROW UP! I am really unwilling to give up my lack of responsibility and ignorance towards tax etc. Also, normally I always look YOUNGER not older, I was annoyed at that until very recently but I just realised today I WAY preffer being younger.
I loved the recent True Blood ep, especially the Eric-Alcide glamouring scene! So funny. Aside from the fact that Eric prooves that he still has some very weird feelings (for an ancient vamp) towards Sookie, I found it hilarious the way Alcide was helpless and agreeing with whatever Eric said. It's so typical for Eric to do a task but change it into something he also profits from. And it shows how the ancient vampire really still hasn't completely grown up, he is not beyond dirty tricks and is NOT willing to share is ''toys'' with other kids.- (Appareantly he doesn't see Bill as a threat anymore... Is it because of their new bromance or because he really thinks he has no chance with Sook. I desperately hope for number two because I really don't like Sookeeh-Bill. He was always sweet with her etc., but SO annoying with the way he was like a dog. I realised That I don't like guys who are like dogs. all tail-waggely and ''PLEAAAASE STROKE ME;  LOVE YOU!''-y. That's why I preffer Eric if I had to chose one of the vamps, he's like a cat. (I nicknamed my cat Eric :D) Most of the time his ''fur'' is silky and smooth and his behaviour is supple and perfectly balanced, only somtimes and for special people he purrs and sometimes he whips out his deadly fangs when he doesn't get his way. Mwaw, (or should I say Meow?) what a cute metaphor for Eric. :) 
Oh, and I said I don't like dogs.... Wellll, I haven't said anything about wolves, HAVE I??! NOPE... Didn't think so! I love wolves they're ''f*cking majestic'' in the words of Jenna Marbles :D Also shifters are just awsome. Were's can be VERY weird and they're often really irascible and they have the STRANGEST traditions but when they decide not to be crazy sometimes they turn out to be OK or even cool people... Like Alcide, who finally accepted the role as packmaster YAYY (will we meet Quinn at the contest? No please not yet!! I like Sook-Alcide and Sookie-Quinn and I want both to happen!!) and Rikki, who may be a powerhungry b*tch whom I do NOT trust but she proved to be really smart and also pretty so momentarily I think she's cool. And one more thing about a wolf whom I thought was crazy-as-f*ck, I know that Emma's granny is playing at something but I can't help kinda liking her anyways, she seems like a good person to have to protect your daughter and I deffinightly wouldn't like crossing her. Even if she is bat-sh*t-crazy.
Not gonna say much more except for: SYTYCD, Ohmigod, I love Cole and Lindsay! They did a grogeous Passo Doble, which was dark and sharp and vicious and absolutely perfect. And I still think he is one good looking asian guy!! Chehon didn't do so well which worries me, cos I think he is a beautiful dancer and Alexa was paired with Daniel the aussie. and I love her and I hate him. No offence I think he's a geat dancer but he's just not a goof enouth partner for alexa. A) hes kindof old and slimey looking and B) urghhhh he just has a weird feeling about him. I want him to go soooooon!!
Now I'm rlly tired cos I've been doing tuff all day so I'm going to bedddd! Night, XX

This is the amazing Passo Doble I was talking about! Check it out!!

Singing myself to sleep with:
Bonfire - Knife Party

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