Thursday, 26 July 2012

It's 2:17 O'Clock In The Morning...

Sorryy for not posting again, but you know how it is, you get lazy in summer :) A) I didn't know what to post B) I just didn't feel like making enough of an effort and always ended up procrastinating. It says a lot of things about my self-discipline... Unfortunately.
In preparation for the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises I watched the two previous films in the series. And I must say I didn't mind it, I meaaan we all know that I love superhero films etc. Also Christian Bale aka. Batman's voice is SO nice. I mean I never realy noticed people's voices before this. I just suddenly thought ''Ohmigod, his voice is so comfortable!'', like, I just wanna record it and listen to it as my bedtime story every night, I bet I cud sleep so well. Who wudn't when they have Batman watching over them? :P
About the films; they are actually really well done. I thought that the first one was pulled out a little and the villan wasn't too evil, just crazy some how, but that was OK because batman was still getting used to his role at that time and so was the viewer. I don't think this often, but I think the second film was the best. You know normally the first is good, the second disasterous and the third OK, but in this case that wasn't true. Yay! The Dark Knight had the most incredible-slash-horrible-slash-evil villan - the Joker. I was SO impressed with Heath Ledgers performance as the crazy psychopath sadist killer. I mean this guy really scared me. I spent a very good portion of the film with my hands and teeth clasped together so that I wouldn't be able to hurt myself. (I do that when I suspect that I might get frightened during a film. It's a good method as long as you don't cramp a muscle when the fright actualy comes.) I alse read afterwards that many people thng the Joker was what killed Ledger, and I can understand that that might be true for a mentally fragile person, but he couldn't have been that fragile when he played the character because he wouldn't have been allowed to play that character if his psyche was really that damaged.
Onto the last part: The Dark Knight Rises. I was a bit dissapointed in Bane. Not evil enough after getting spoilt by Ledger, but still a good job! The twist at the end was completely unexpected and all, but I ddin't really get the point. I was confused about the story with the child from the beginnig because I had heard it was a girl, but Batman still insisted on thinking it was Bane, throughout the story and clearing that up was all that this twist was really good for. She wasn't a super-villan or anything so I was thinking ''What's the point?''. I am really happy that Gordon survived the whole affair because he kindof is the one that takes all the hits and gets shot/servely injured most often. Selina Kyle (played by Anne Hathaway) was very well done, except for the fact that she wasn't enough cat-like I liked her. Her partiality to weapons was a fun balance for Batman, and portrays their slight moral differences perfectly. Her morals are ver close to her own heart, she could be described as selfish but I think there just aren't many people she CAN care about. And it was also clear that Batman couldn't fall for an ordinary girl, who can know nothing about his noctual activities. The whole thing was only not the perfect romance because it was very rushed and not ''explained'' enough to the viewer. But I guess there wasn't much time for romance in that film.. And The end was lovely, because the city got a new Batman, Bruce Wayne finally could live a happy life and Alfred (whom I love) can see him being happy!
I also watched Magic Mike as I said I would at first opportunity. I mean I can't keep shirtless Alex (Adam) and Channing (Mike) waiting long can I? They'd get cold! I enjoyed the first half of the film a lot and the second half a bit less. but over all it was a good film and it got some out loud laughs from me which Batman didn't. The cast for this film is incredible, the story lacked something I can't explain though. My favourite bits where Alex' intorduction into the whole scene because he seemed so helpless and innocent in a way. He just had no clue about the world and what to do with himself.  Also his ''dance lessons''. I mean I was just imagining the filming of that: How hard must it be to keep a straight face when Matthew McConaughey is thrusting you from behind. My respect Alex. The other thing I thoroughly enjoyed was seeing Channing's character dealing with  himself inexplicably liking Adam's sister. Those scenes were hilarious because, seeing Mike timidly trying somekind of halfway-flirt and then immediately abandoning it, made the situation ao awkward but funny, as it is something the viewers can empathsize with.
The latest True Blood episode was the weakest this season, because A) I can't remember much of it and B) it just wasn't really grasping and interest sucking as usually. The expectations and stakes are always set high for TB so it's easier to be disappointed, even though that doesn't generally happen much. My highlights of the episode where some incridible swearing on Eric's part and him giving Bill a piggy-back in their ''drunken-haze''. And, obviously, Godrick coming back. I love him. He is the best vampire there is in the series and it is a great shame he met the true death as his and Eric's relationship is as beautiful as Eric and Pam's.
What TB lacked in was made up for in Pretty Little Liars this week though. Mona-Hanna-Aria action was brilliant. I hate and love Wilden accusing Hanna of being Ali's killer. It's a genius stroke from the writers, but obviously makes more trouble for the girls. Next, Emily: What is going on with Nate!? Seriously is she going back to liking boys!? And that creepy Ali-be-alike, Cece, who's she? And why didn't Jason elaborate on her!? Cece seems way to egocentric Ali-like to become freinds with the girls. I really don't wan't her to because I don't trust her one bit. Aria and Ezra: I am really happy that the longest and most unlikely couple are still together, but may they be just breaking up? Ezra's got a mightly heap of cash in his sock drawer that promises a lot more problems to come.
I don't have a lot to say about The Glee Project, but I still want to add that I love Blake. I love Blake so much. He is A) So cute when he is normal/happy/nervous/and just about anything else B) he is a super talented singer/actor. I reallly want him to win the whole thing, partially because I would love to see him on glee for a longer amount of time and also because he really deserves to win, as do the rest of the contestants unfortunately. His only drawback is that he hasn't any flaws. Which will make it a lot harder for Ryan Murphy to write a character for him which is interesting enough to stay on the show. Mwaaawww, I would  watch him just because of his looks but I guess e.g. Aylin's muslim backstory would make a way more intersting character, even though by now she has become 70% annoying and I don't really support her anymore. Oh and Nellie, was kicked of... I knew it was coming so it wasn't so bad, but waaahhhh no more 'Bellie'!! I BET that there was actually something going on between them.
What did I do before I chained myself to my blogger in order to get this done?? I was chatching up with Geordie Shore. I fricking love the show! I was actually writing most of this blog-essay-thingy with a geordie accent modeled on Charlotte's in my head. I am loving the series, the people are just so funny. Especially Charlotte. And Garry. He kinda loves her, but he's kinda too much of a prick to admit it. EVERYone is saying that they'll end up marrying eachother, and I sure hope they do too! Also, a mega-surprise was that Vicky and Riccy were starting to actually get along with Joel... WOW! Man, something has deffs changed, I just hope it'll stay like that for Sophie's sake. While watching I always have a mint time and I love watching Gaz and Char in a sort of pulling competition, just 'cos I know they'll end up togethe in the end anyways. 
Mwaw, allredy 02:17AM over here so I am NOT gonna say much about SYTYCD this time. I haven't seen this weeks ep yet anyways. Just one thing... Alexa and Daniel went home and I surprised myself by being fine with it! I was a really strong Alexa supporter but for some reason, since I was already expecting them to leave I didn't get terribly upset about it. I had originally planned to watch the new ep after finishing this thingy but since it is already so late/early and I've still got time to do it tomorrow, I will do it then. Plus, I just did a reeeally latenighter/earlymorninger last night, 'cos I was finishing my book. Seriously, it was already getting light outside when I finally went to sleep. Let's not let that happen again, so, niiiight! XX

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