Monday, 2 July 2012

I Admit To More Crying Than I Should In This One, So Alons-Y!

I'm writing really quickly because I'll be going to Germany tomorrow! Yay and Nay at the same time. I'm happy to go because I'm going to do an art course with my aunt who is an amazing artist and then Imma see my family and my friends from my old school! But I also don't want to because I will be gone for two-and-a-half weeks and afterwards I will have less than two weeks with my darling Laura who, sadly, is moving back to Britain. :'( It's rlly sad because I've always been shit at keeping contact with people regularly and I probs wont see her for ages, and I'm just thinking ''who the f**k will I party with now!?''. Seriously, I'm really socially awkward with strangers and stuff so I totally need her to be her amazing, self-confident (and a liiiittle bit condescending), posh accented self, who drags me to random people in order to make friends...
Well yeah. So I feel pretty annoyed about that. Especially as I was gonna go see Magic Mike in an open air cinema with her last night, and that totally didn't work out because I'd organised it badly. Mwaaawww! :( I REALLY wanted to see that film. C'mon. Alex Pettyfer, Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello... Who would NOT want to see that?
Speaking of Joe, his True Blood character seemed to be hooking up with Sook last time I watched.. Ô.õ (that's supposed to be an eyebrow waggle..) I like this. I have said like a hundred times that Sookie and Alcide are destined to be together.... Being a little bit dramatic, but who cares.. A few thing though, she had just recently shot down his ex-girlfriend/fiancee/abjuree and I mean it literally... She KILLED her. Alcide was recorded saying that he still loved this girl and will forever, earlier that evening... AND there seemed to be unknown quantities of alcohol involved. This really doesn't seem like there's a healthy relationship developing. Shame. I really wanted them to properly get together.
In the last episode, something that I really appreciated were the maker-child relationships that were highlighted, due to the reunion of certain couples. First of all: Eric and Pam; he must love her like nothing else, except for maybe his own maker, Godrick, who heartbreakingly died. Eric decides that he must ''release'' her for her own safety. I loved this scene because It's the first time I have seen Pam so human and week and emotional since she became a vampire. She looked really vunerable, like a young mother who is now forced to grow up quickly in order to raise her own child. Pam also did seem to be warming up to Tara in this episode. Wellll, at least a bit.. Second couple is Bill and Jess because he was actually forced to create her by the old vampire authority and now he really does love her and she him too. I love Jessica because even though she's a bad ass vamp she's incredibly loyal to the ones she loves, including Sookie, for whom she covered by glamouring Andy into not being interested in the Pelt-case anymore. Sookie isn't that much older than her but she was Bills girlfriend when she was first made and I think that she kinda adopted her as a step-mom. Which is SO sweet. and also Bill told her he thought he'd ''done a good job with you'' which is also so sweet.
The last thing is, faeryland-slash-Hooligans? Well Jason went to a wild party at which he met his only cousin again! And the party is full of faeries. HAS to be Hooligans. At least I hope so, I mean we've seen Claude once but he didn't seem nearly enough arrogant and I wanna see him again. And I want Dermot. I love Dermot. Dermot is the SWEETEST guy in Bon Temps history and he just seems good through and through, like a kid almost, once no one thinks he's a crazed serial killer anymore.
The other thing I wanted to talk about was the British TV-show Doctor Who. I started watching it a while ago and watching all six seasons takes some time even when I've got nothing much else to do. Doctor Who is the kind of show I only watched because everyone said it's amazing and also because any series by the same guy who makes Sherlock must be amazing. And yes, I obviously did like it. One of the things that's become really clear to me though is that I WAY prefer the time travel episodes to the space travel ones. I just think that it ads another layer of interesting to everything and History IS one of my favourite subjects so I think it would be uber-cool if I could time travel. My favourite companion was Rose. Rose is A) nearly called 'RosA' B) made to be the accessible character more than any of the other companions and C) her relationship with the Doctor was just special. The other companions are not supposed to be an everyperson, Martha is the smart one, Donna is the funny one and Amy is the red-head. Jokes, Amy is the one who is cool and Scottish and independent in a way. Rose is the one who made me care the most. Rose is the one who made me cry when she left.
I think I cried about three or four times throughout all the series. Most of them with David Tennant. The Tenth Doctor is the one who I felt understood the role best. The Ninth is too serious and the Eleventh is way too self-obsessed in a way. Tennant was perfect because he had the perfect balance of recklessness, bravery/courage and sadness. He made the Doctor seem like an old man with a long life who has loved and lost so many times it seems hard to imagine that he could still be the funny mostly happy guy he is/pretends to be. And THIS is the reason I like Rose. She understands him and she's there for him and makes him keep going, and I think that is also why for once he allowed himself to love someone again. I wanted them to be together since Tennant first came because the Ninth Doctor just has a father-like role for her (replacing her dead dad in a way) and when he regenerated he was different. Way more lovable and way more human. This was one of the times I cried, when Tennant talks about not wanting to regenerate because I feels like it's a death in a way. Another time: when him and rose get ripped apart, I seriously wanted him to say ''I love you'' but I can understand that The Doctor probably had that looked away in a million boxes inside each other, so that he can't get hurt again. And then I cried so much when the human version of him asks Rose if she wants him to stay with her. At this point I thought, I really loved her till then. Past Donna and Martha (who liked him) and Donna again. He still liked Rose. And also he seemed really unsure and vulnerable in that scene, you don't see The Doctor go vulnerable for many people. Also I LOVED how that turned out, because even though you're not supposed to travel inter-dimensional without riping a gigantic hole into time and space, it does give Tennant an opportunity to return to the show, 'cos that Doctor can't regenerate. YAY!
One last thing, actually it's two, I love Captain Jack Harkness, oh so flirty and hilarious, REALLY makes me laugh and I REALLY hope there is going to be a Sherlock/Doctor Who cross over next season because it would be brilliant to see those two geniuses working together.

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Through The Night - Drumsound & Bassline Smith ft.Tom Cane
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