Sunday, 23 January 2011

Finally weekend!

First you think: Yay, finally le weekend, but then you realise.... and I have about eight homeworks to do, Yay! (Not.)
But this weekend was pretty awsome, first on friday night a friends birthday party (Izzy we all loved it, SO much fun!). We went out to Cascais, first time I actually went here, and had loads of fun until about two in the mornig... lots of dancing and singing karaoke, yeah and then there was other stuffff..... :)
Then another friend, stayed over till the next day,.... and I went to visit Izzy again.
Unfortuantely that was about it with the fun part of my weekend.  The rest consits of doing my 8 home works and studying for the #%&$ Chemistry test om Monday (aka. tomorrow, but I don't like to think of it that way because it seems so soon :( )
OH, yes and I just ate a 'Bratapfel', hmmmmmmmm!! SO GOOD, it basicly is a very German winter food. (baked apple with nuts and raisins and honey and then cream, but it still has to be hot, like burning your mouth, then its the BEST!) Mom made it for me,..... because I am working SO hard doing my homework!!! Yes I'm such a good girl!!!! Wow, I just realized I only have to do three more (and then studying for Chemistry) home works,.... Of which two unfortunately are Physics, WHY??!!!! I never thought I would actually get something done today.
Urghh, this now 'shooed' away my good mood and I will start doing the rest.....
Have fun! (Hopefully not doing homework)

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