Sunday, 16 January 2011

A list of my Favourites.

True Blood (Series) - Awsomely adicive series!! Seriously, I watched the first episode of season and couldn't stop watching, I finished Season 3 two weeks after that. Now I have to wait 'till summer for the next one to come out.

Graceling (Book) - One of the BEST BOOKS EVER, I think. It's the first book of Kristin Cashore who is my favourite writer, at the moment ,...

Twilight (Book) - You all know it! Before I read this I wasn't even a fan of fantasy books, so I actually wanted to resist the whole twilight wave, but then couldn't. I love the books but the films all disappointed me a bit.

Step up 2 (Film) - I'm a BIG fan of dancing and dance-films and this is the best one yet. Not even the 3rd 'Step up' in 3D could beat it!

I'm going to the cinema now to watch 'The Tourist'!! Yay,... Wanted to see that one for ages now,... I'll tell you what I thought about it afterwoods...

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