Sunday, 30 January 2011

Movies, Lisboa and Freckles

I really liked today!
I did most of my Hw yesterday so that I could do what ever I wanted today. :)
I even woke up really early today, FEELING GOOD??!!! Then I had my breakfast on the balkony (it was really nice and warm, I LOVE SUNSHINE, cant believe it's almost February) and got FRECKLES - I get these whenever I'm in the sun for longer than 15 minutes. And because of the Biology test tomorrow I even studied for half an hour!! YAYYY!
Rarity: I actually understood something....!
So then I went to Lisbon with my friend (ly Is!), caught the train and then the metro and went to the cinema to see TRON. REEALLLY GOOD FILM!! I can't remember who said it but one of my friends told me it was really boring so I was kind of worried, but, no need!! :) I really liked it, and you must have been really annoyed at my random squeels of laughter throughout the film, Izzy. (I like to do that.... If you know me well you probably know anyway that I like to be a noisy person :) )
The film is set mostly in the digital world. There is this man who was a computer genius and who created this huge digital world, which was populated by ''programms''. He had found a way to ''beam'' himself into that world for a short period of time (about eight hours) and had once overdone that time field, so that he got stuck in that world. He created a system that could build the world alone during his absence (when he was in the real world). That system turned on him wanting to take over the real world when there was nothing to perfect in the digital one.
Well, finally that guy's son gets sucked  into that world too and has to fight to live on. Then he tries to beat this independent system and get his father and the digital ''programm'' he falls in love with back into the real world. In the end the ''bad guy'' is gone and the son and his girl live happily ever after in the real world while the father keeps an eye on the digital one.

After all, quite a successfull and fun day all in all. Even though we came home quite late (about 2-3 hours ago) and I still had to do my History Hw. I had no clue what to write on three questions about the Nazi regime in Germany and their use of propaganda to controll the public. So I couldn't be bothered while I was actually supposed to be doing that and listened to music.... My Mom got kinda annoyed tho so now I have less than 5 mins to get to bed (with brushing teeth).

For listening to music I mostly use this site: because youtube with all it's vidoes is too distracting while doing Hw. 

My favourites for today are:
Imma shine - Young bloodz
Remember the name - Fort minor
American Pie - Madonna (I KNOW, it's soooo old but I still love it :) same as many ABBA songs.)

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