Friday, 28 January 2011

The last Week

OK, soooooo where do I begin??? Haven't posted something in AGES!!
I'll start with my insight, that life might suddenly be a LITTLE bit like from the movies.  I noticed this when I was finally watching 'Life as we know it', yaayyy, a romantic comedy (my favourites next to good action films, NOT horror though...) and I needed LESS than 10 more minutes to finish and my mum was being seriously annoying and not letting me watch the end, OMFG, 10 MINUTES!!!!!!!!! And I got REALLY annoyed and even tried if crying might help (it did not, my mum is kinda hard hearted in that sense.) and then I had to give in, URGGHHH!!! Here one more thing I absolutelly verrry much dislike: HAVING TO GIVE IN!!! Well, on this occasion I, unfortunatelly had to (it was verrrrry unpleasant) and I couldn't even SLAM my bedroom door!!!!!!!
I constantly listened to Rockstar 101 - Rihanna, Remember the name (I loooove!) - Fort Minor, Pump it - B.E.P. and Bumpy Ride - Mohombi. I really like all of these, kinda old bt, So What??
But I'm having fun at school, I lived through two more french lessons and actually got some questions right. PE is a bore and we'll have interhouse crosscountry run on Tuesday (why????!!!). :( But lunch times are the best parts of the day,... Ines and me just sit there and judge people. I know, you shouldn't do that but it's soooo much fun. OH, and then my other friend, Laura, got ill so out of revenge of leaving us alone school, we told people she was pregnant from some guy at her riding place. OMG that was SO MUCH FUN,.... People actually believed us! I'm soooooo sorry-y Laurinha,... (NOT)! Then today was mufti, yayy,... finally a bit of freedom!! I'm still not really used to school uniform (after a year, that sound kinda weird, I know :) ).
OH, and iI wrote and got a Chemistry test back, it was soooo much better than I would have hoped for even though I could have easily had an even higher mark if I'd had 5 mins more time, i did two stupid mistakes out of hastity on the last question. Ok, here it comes: 75% Yayyyy! I coul have got 80, I KNOW!! but I'm reaaaaally happy with what I've got now!! Laurinha, thanks for ur awsome theory about cleverness ans the science sets :)
Havent written something for a while now,... Hehe, acutally only a few days. But there's loads of Hw to do and also, tests and courseworks to hand in and ufffff,....

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  1. OMG i LOVE this post!!!
    People better NOT be asking me if its true im pregnant when i get back... i will happilly murder you using your tie and a napkin!!