Thursday, 20 January 2011

Physics, go die in a hole!

I've heard that sentence a lot lately. Actually, I think, Chemistry and Biology can go and help Physics die in a hole! I'm doing my Physics homework at the moment, as you can see. I don't understand Hooke's law and should definitely NOT be in Science set 1, it has proved itself yet again....
No one who could actually help me with this is online on skype or facebook, so I'm officially screwed now. The homework was actually due last week but, I understood even less then so now I actually HAVE to do it. I will leave it for tomorrow and then go and see the teacher. (And probaly get shouted at for not sending it in on time and stuff.... :( )
Otherwise today my day was quite good, even French didn't kill me. And even though one of my best friends made fun of me all day because of some stupid conversaiton, I had fun...
I'm not feeling really inspired today so I'll just leave you be and stop spaming my blog with whining about school,... Sorry 'bout that!

1 comment:

  1. ok A) sorrrrry for comenting as you but its deleted now but its me commenting -izzy-
    B) French didn't kill you? lucky.
    Yeah i hate physics and chemistry too.
    Keep having good days :)