Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A partly awsome day.

My PARTLY awsome day, was actually not that awsome untill now,....  The best thing was a talent show at school, which was REALLY good. Two of my friends took part, both singing songs by Christina Aguilera ('Hurt' and 'Ain't No Other Man'), and both totally rocked it! The 'Ain't No Other Man' was the best song in the whole show! With the first note, everyone was saying, WOW! Then there was a reeeally good breakdancer!!! I already said I love dancing and people who are good at it, and he was seriously good! Tomorrow is the deciding show, for me it's one of those two.
But after that I tortured in French by my nice, but sometimes quite impatient French teacher. First I had to do a presentation on 'une personne francophone' (Urggh!) my choice for this was Albert Uderzo, who is the artistic creator of Asterix and Obelix (which I totally LOVE). That didn't go tooooo well, as I was so nervous that I told everything there was to tell in almost twice the time it should have.
Here a note, French is my absolutely weakest subject! In my old school I was always ok and in the top 4 of the class, but that was in Germany and it seems that in a SERIOUSLY EXPENSIVE international English school in Portugal the level of French education is a little bit (very much) higher. Last year all that was OK for me, I was in the lowest French set, with others who seemed even more unfortunate than me. But now in the GCSEs I've had to choose subjects, to my regret French was among them as I thought Portuguese was much to hard for me. Anyway, I chose both and French has been killing me since then. If the teacher asks me a question which I don't fully understand or to which I'm not sure what to answer, I panic. I go through the five stages of blushing, my ears quit their job and unfortunately I was never trained in lip reading, so I fail dramatically. Now today there was a little alteration to this process, I KNEW the answer, but failed anyway...   It seems like I couldn't figure out fast enough how to form my answering sentence.
Sorry I annoyed you with all of this stuff (FRENCH!) but I felt like, I had to get it of my chest. So thanks!

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