Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I'm so tired!

I'm REEALLY tired, mostly physically though....
We had to run 3km in PE today - as always :( - my time was,.. here it comes...... 16.35 mins. Yeah, I know thats not THAT awsome. It's not my best time either. And then we played basketball because it was a double lesson. That was actually quite fun cuz although, I might say I'm quite, well, how do I put it, bad,... But I still like competitive team sports! Most of all: Football, yayy! Favourite team: Werder Bremen. I know  that you probably don't know them and even if you know the German 'Bundesliga' you probably still don't understand me. I don't even come from Bremen... Still,... And then I have to say, since I lived with my 7 cousins (all male) for half a year, I got quite used to Rugby to,.. I mean, it looks fun!
Ok, after the, even without PE, exhausting school, I still had dance class, in which at the moment we are trying to grasp the spirit of Street Dance. Hip Hop and Breakdance two things I reeeallllly like, and which I reeally wish I could do.
Now I'm listening to 'Who's that chick' by Rihanna, awsome song!! Although I lately discovered my hatred for the word 'chick'. Seriously why can't you just say girl, or woman or what ever but WHY do we have to be equivalent to BABY CHICKENS!
Today my post isn't as long - due to my tiredness, I discovered I'm also really hungry now, so I'll get something to eat now.

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