Monday, 17 January 2011

The Tourist

As a told you people yesterday I was watching the tourist yesterday. REALLY good film, I really liked it! The only not so totally great part was when I was sent to buy to big popcorns ALONE, in Portuguese!!!
It was OK then but I think I kinda made a fool of myself because the guy at the till kept asking me 'O que?' (means 'what?' in Portuguese), and I had to repeat my self over and over again. »Which one is bigger 'media' or 'normal'? Two please,... Yes, sweet.«
The film was as I already said, really good. About an agent (Angelina Jolie - she is so beautiful, I'm jelaous!) who loves a criminal (Johnny Depp - awsome actor! I love him!). He writes her letters and tells her to find some random guy, who kind of has his hight and his body and then make the agency think its him. So she does that and then everyone wants to kill him. The agency, the bad guy (from whom he had stolen loads of money, thats why he was a criminal). And then the agency notice that he actually isn't the guy and the bad guy kidnaps Angelina and he saves her and the agency shoots the bad guy. And then she falls in love in Johnny and find out that it's actually the guy she loved in the first place (who spent $20 million on surgery).
Sounds complicated and weird, but it's a really good and also funny film, with awsome actors, so GO WATCH IT! 
And sorry if I have spoilt the plot for you!!

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